Year 2018

[updated 03.09.2018]

September 2018: Euro Fed Lipid Congress 2018: Registration is still open!

August 2018: Early Bird Deadline Belfast: 3 August!

July 2018: We need your help!

June 2018: Subscribe or Unsubscribe: that is the question

May 2018: New Feature: Your Individual Congress Planner

April 2018: Dairy Lipids Science Image & Video Competition at Euro Fed Lipid Belfast

March 2018: Deadline TODAY for lecture abstracts Belfast

February 2018: I think I've found you a genius!

January 2018: The Oils and Fats Industry need to help the World!

Year 2017

[updated 30.11.2017]

December 2017: President Villeneuve says farewell!

November 2017: First Asian Programme of Euro Fed Lipid was well received

October 2017: Graz hosts the 2nd International Symposium on Lipid Oxidation and Antioxidants

September 2017: New Officers, term 2018-2019

August 2017: A daytrip to Stockholm

July 2017: Uppsala Preregistration Deadline: 14 July!

June 2017: Morning Jogs, Poster Pitches and Student Pub Nights

May 2017: MCPD esters and Glycidyl esters, 20-21 June 2017, Berlin

April 2017: Infogest, “Improving Health Properties of Food by Sharing our Knowledge on the Digestive Process”

March 2017: Welcome to Sweden!

February 2017: Lecture Abstracts Uppsala due 3 February!

January 2017: Bob Dylan, Tigers and Pandas

Year 2016

[updated 01.12.2016]

December 2016: Deep-Frying in China

November 2016: Reflection on the Future of Euro Fed Lipid Events

October 2016: Online resources to stay in touch

September 2016: What's on in September?

August 2016: Ghent - Last chance to save money!

July 2016: Comprehensive Summer Newsletter

June 2016: Participate in the Proficiency Test 2016!

May 2016: Deadlines ISPL-2016 and Lipid Oxidation Symposium, Porto

April 2016: Ghent: View the congress programme

March 2016: TODAY: Deadline lecture abstracts Ghent!

February 2016: Don't miss the lecture abstract deadline Ghent!

January 2016: Authenticity of Olive Oil and other Vegetable Oils

Year 2015

[updated 06.12.2015]

December 2015:The Role of Euro Fed Lipid in an Environment of increasing Nationalism

November 2015: Activities 2016

October 2015: Ghent: The best hidden secret

September 2015: Deep-Frying: Art or Science?

August 2015: One week left to save on your Florence congress registration

July 2015: Don't miss the Florence early bird deadline!

June 2015: New cooperation with Oils & Fats International (OFI)

May 2015: Bistecca alla Fiorentina

April 2015: Lipid Oxidation and lots of other new activities

March 2015: Awards for Young Scientist, apply this month!

February 2015: Annual Congress Florence - Deadline for Lectures is 26 February 2015!

January 2015: Save the date: oils+fats 15-17 September 2015!

Year 2014

[updated 02.12.2014]

December 2014: The year in which the global political stability has dramatically changed

November 2014: Deep Frying goes Oktoberfest

October 2014: Lipid Science in Florence and Tuscany

September 2014: 800+ delegates expected!

August 2014: Register by 4 August for the Montpellier congress

July 2014: Early Bird Deadline approaching

June 2014: Poster Abstracts are still welcome

May 2014: Programme brochure of the 12th Euro Fed Lipid congress is now available

April 2014: 20th Proficiency Test on Fat Analysis 2014

March 2014: of Romans and Spirulinas

February 2014: of Keynotes and Highlights

January 2014: Welcome Gerrit van Duijn

Year 2013

[updated 02.12.2013]

December 2013: Farewell of Marc Kellens

November 2013: Pictures of the Antalya congress available

October 2013: The Two main Oils&Fats Events in Europe

September 2013: Early Bird Deadline Antalya expires in 5 days!

August 2013: Microbial Lipids in Hamburg

July 2013: The (unexpected) impact of the Impact Factor

June 2013: Fachini Medal Awarded

May 2013: 19th Proficiency Test on Fat Analysis

April 2013: Scientific Programme Antalya to be published!

March 2013: Cooperation is the key to success

February 2013: Euro Fed Lipid Antalya: Deadline for Lectures is 8 March!

January 2013: The Turkish Riviera is waiting for you!

Year 2012

[updated 02.12.2012]

December 2012: Rapeseed: Tremendous Potential for added Value Generation!

November 2012: DGF approves two sensory panels for virgin rapeseed oil!

Oktober 2012: Prepare for Antalya!

September 2012: Where do you want to go this autumn?

August 2012: One day left - Early Bird Deadline Cracow expires!

June 2012: The Seven Wonders of Poland

May 2012: Optimum Deep-Frying in San Francisco

April 2012: Cracow Congress Lecture Programme

March 2012: LAST Reminder for Cracow Lecture Abstract

February 2012: Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines

January 2012: "Biocatalysis in Lipid Modification"

Year 2011

[updated 16.08.2012]

December 2011: Abstracts now citable!

November 2011: Microbial Lipids - Diversity in Structure and Function

October 2011: Pictures from the Rotterdam Congress

September 2011: In hindsight - Euro Fed Lipid ten years after its founding

August 2011: Only five days left to save on your Rotterdam registration

July 2011: High time to register for Rotterdam

June 2011: 6th DGF Rapeseed Oil Medal 2011/2012

May 2011: Hot Topics of the 6th International Symposium on Deep Fat Frying

April 2011: Rotterdam Congress Programme published!

March 2011: Last Reminder for Rotterdam lectures!

February 2011: Deep-Frying - Errors and Myths

January 2011: President's New Year's Address

Year 2010

[updated 16.08.2012]

December 2010: 50th anniversary of SISSG

November 2010: More than 600 delegates gather in Munich

October 2010: One week left to register for Munich

September 2010: Countdown to the biggest fats&oils congress in Germany since 1973

August 2010: Munich hotel contingent expires soon!

July 2010: EJLST impact on record height

June 2010: 5th Plant Lipids Meeting in Gdansk

Mai 2010: Lecture Programme soon available online

April 2010: 300 hours left to submit a lecture for the Munich congress!

March 2010: oils+fats switches to two-year cycle

February 2010: Impact factor of EJLST continues to increase

January 2010: Dietary Fatty Acids in Frankfurt

Year 2009

[updated 16.08.2012]

December 2009: How to pronounce Nürnberger Rostbratwürstel?

November 2009: Turkish Lipid Group Founded

October 2009: From Graz to Munich

September 2009: Brand-New: Oils-Fats-Lipids Wiki

August 2009: News from the divisions

July 2009: Euro Fed Lipid 2009 in Graz, Austria? Yes, we can!

June 2009: Abstracts available at the Graz congress webpage.

May 2009: Make sure to arrange your trip to Graz in time!

April 2009: Euro Fed Lipid is based on its members