Euro Fed Lipid is a federation of 13 scientific associations concerned with Lipids, Fats and Oils. The federation represents 2000 individuals and companies.

Its mission is the furthering of lipid science and technology and the cooperation and exchange of ideas between scientists and technologists at a European level.

The activities of Euro Fed Lipid include the organisation of international congresses at varying venues, the co-organisation of the fair "oils+fats" and the publishing of the "European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology".

May 2017 Update


Symposium on 3-MCPD Esters and Glycidyl Esters, 20-21 June 2017 in Berlin

- Editorial by Christian Wolfrum, Arnold von Eckardstein and Thorsten Hornemann regarding the 58th International Conference on the Bioscience of Lipids (ICBL)
- 15th Euro Fed Lipid Congress: Programme Brochure mailed, news sponsors, it is a good time to register NOW!
- Uppsala Castle, our dinner venue
- Symposium on 3-MCPD Esters and Glycidyl Esters in Berlin
- 9th International Symposium on Deep-Frying
- EJLST Highlights April 2017 Issue
- Congress Calendar

8th European Symposium on Plant Lipids


Slide 2-5 July 2017, Malmö, Sweden

The main topics and keynote lectures are now available at the congress webpage.

The submission of abstracts is open now. Please prepare your abstract and choose one the main topics:

Session 1 Extracellular lipids
Session 2 Sphingolipids and sterols
Session 3 Lipids and environmental interactions
Session 4 Lipid membrane dynamics
Session 5 Storage lipid biosynthesis and metabolism
Session 6 Lipid catabolism and recycling
Session 7 Lipid metabolic modelling and flux analysis
Session 8 Lipid biotechnology

9th International Symposium on Deep-Frying

Higher Quality, Safer Products and Further Use
30-31 October 2017, Shanghai, China

Welcome to the 9th international symposium on deep-fat frying. The international symposia on deep-fat frying organized through the DGF and Euro Fed Lipid have been held most of time in Europe and North America. This is the first time it is held in China and will be organized jointly by the Euro Fed Lipid and the Chinese Cereals and Oils Association.
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