January 2015: Save the date: oils+fats 15-17 September 2015!


13th Euro Fed Lipid Congress
Florence: The Rise and Fall of the Medici
Save the date: oils+fats 15-17 September 2015!
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13th Euro Fed Lipid Congress

13th Euro Fed Lipid Congress
"Fats, Oils and Lipids: New Challenges in Technology, Quality Control and Health"
27-30 September 2015, Florence, Italy

You are cordially invited to submit your abstract on the congress webpage.

Deadline for Lectures is 26 February 2015

Confirmed Keynote Lectures:
Bioscience, Biocatalysis, Biochemistry: Romas Kazlauskas, University of Minnesota, St. Paul/MN, USA "How the Ser-His-Asp Catalytic Triad Catalyzes Different Reactions"
Lipid Oxidation and Antioxidants: Felix Aladedunye, University of Lethbridge, Canada "Curbing Thermo-oxidative Degradation of Frying Oils: Current Knowledge and Challenges"
Health and Nutrition: Andrea Poli, Nutrition Foundation of Italy, Milano, Italy, "Omega-6 Fatty Acids and Health: an Unbiased Critique of the Available Evidence"
Microbial and Algae Lipids: Antonio Molinaro, University of Napoli, Italy "Microbial Cell Wall Lipoglycans as Keywords in the Dialogue with the Eukaryotic Host"

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Florence: The Rise and Fall of the Medici

In the 15th century, Florence was among the largest cities in Europe, considered rich and economically successful. Life was not idyllic for all residents though, among whom there were great disparities in wealth.

Cosimo de' Medici was the first Medici family member to essentially control the city from behind the scenes. Although the city was technically a democracy of sorts, his power came from a vast patronage network along with his alliance to the new immigrants, the gente nuova (new people). The fact that the Medici were bankers to the pope also contributed to their ascendancy.

Cosimo was succeeded by his son Piero, who was, soon after, succeeded by Cosimo's grandson, Lorenzo in 1469.

Lorenzo was a great patron of the arts, commissioning works by Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Botticelli. Lorenzo was an accomplished musician and brought composers and singers to Florence, including Alexander Agricola, Johannes Ghiselin, and Heinrich Isaac. By contemporary Florentines (and since), he was known as "Lorenzo the Magnificent" (Lorenzo il Magnifico).

Following the death of Lorenzo de' Medici in 1492, he was succeeded by his son Piero II. When the French king Charles VIII invaded northern Italy, Piero II chose to resist his army. But when he realized the size of the French army at the gates of Pisa, he had to accept the humiliating conditions of the French king. These made the Florentines rebel and they expelled Piero II. With his exile in 1494, the first period of Medici rule ended with the restoration of a republican government.
Cosimo di Medici

Lorenzo di Medici


Save the date: oils+fats 15-17 September 2015!

Save the date: oils+fats 2015!

There´s one event you´ll certainly want to enter in your diary for 2015. And that´s oils+fats, International Trade Fair for Business, Technology and Innovations, taking place in Munich from September 15 to 17.

As Europe´s only specialist trade fair for vegetable oils and animal fats, this event showcases the latest trends and technology in the field. The approximately 50 exhibitors at oils+fats will be presenting a wide range of machinery, components and auxiliary materials for the manufacture and processing of oils and fats – the spectrum of exhibits also includes raw materials and logistics solutions. The supporting program to the show brings research and industry together.

Under the motto of "Science meets Industry", the program explores the technologies and markets of the future. oils+fats, which is taking place for the sixth time, is regarded as Europe´s most important sector gathering for producers, processors and traders of oils and fats.

Important note: The venue for oils+fats in 2015 is again the MOC Veranstaltungscenter München in the district of Freimann in the north of Munich. Further information: www.oils-and-fats.com

Same date, same venue, perfect to combine:

8th International Symposium on Deep Frying

Better understanding, better fried products
15-17 September 2015, Munich, Germany



Congress Calendar

  • Advanced Oil Processing - Palm, Palm Kernel and Coconut Oil Processing and Food Applications, 29-30 January 2015, Bogota, Colombia
  • 6th International Conference on Phospholipase A2 and Lipid Mediators (PLM2015), 10-12 February 2015, Shinjuku, Japan
  • DGF: Workshop Sensorische Bewertung nativer, kaltgepresster Speiseöle -Olivenöl, Rapsöl und andere Öle-, 15.-17. Februar 2015, Schloss Montabaur, Deutschland
  • Euro Fed Lipid: Transam 2.0 - Chiral Amines through (Bio)Catalysis, 4-6 March 2015, Greifswald, Germany
  • Journees Chevreul 2015: Lipids & Brain III, 16-18 March 2015, Paris, France
  • 83rd EAS Congress, 22-25 March 2015, Glasgow, UK
  • DGF: Practical Short Course on Oils+Fats as Renewable Feedstock for the Chemical Industry, 28-29 March 2015, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • 8th Workshop on Fats and Oils as Renewable Feedstock for the Chemical Industry, 29-31 March 2015, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • DGF: 3-MCPD&Co. Eine Bilanz nach acht Jahren Forschung, 20.-21. April 2015, Berlin, Deutschland
  • 106th AOCS Annual Meeting, 3-6 May 2015, Orlando, Florida, USA
  • Yabited: II. Bitkisel Yağ Kongresi, 7-9 May 2015, Tekirdag, Turkey
  • Symposium Food, Nutrition, Health, 12-13 May 2015, Kiel, Germany
  • Lipid Maps Annual Meeting 2015: Lipidomics Impact on Cancer, Metabolic and Inflammatory Diseases, 12-13 May 2015, San Diego, CA, USA
  • 12th Yeast Lipid Conference, 20-22 May 2015, Ghent, Belgium
  • SCI: Lipids and Health - Reward, Risk and Revelation, 1-2 June 2015, Edinburgh, UK
  • 28th Nordic Lipidforum Symposium, 3-6 June 2015, Reykjavik, Iceland
  • 1st Sustainable Oils & Fats International Congress (SOFIC 2015), 16-17 June 2015, Paris, France,
  • Euro Fed Lipid: 7th European Symposium on Plant Lipids, 5-8 July 2015, Harpenden, UK
  • Bioactive Lipids in Cancer, Inflammation and related Diseases, 12-15 July 2015, Budapest, Hungary
  • 2nd High Oleic Oils Congress-HOC 2015, 2-4 September 2015, Paris, France
  • Euro Fed Lipid: 8th International Symposium on Deep Frying,15-16 September 2015, Munich, Germany
  • Trade Fair oils&fats,15-17 September 2015, Munich, Germany
  • icbl 56th ICBL Conference, 22-26 September 2015, Puerto Iguazu, Argentina
  • 13th Euro Fed Lipid Congress, 27-30 September 2015, Florence, Italy
  • PIPOC 2015, 6-8 October 2015, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • FENS: 12th European Nutrition Conference, 20-23 October 2015, Berlin, Germany
  • 11th GERLI lipidomics meeting, 25-28 October 2015, Strasbourg-Le Bischenberg, France
  • Asaga: World Congress on Oils&Fats and 31st ISF Lectureship Series, 31 October-4 November 2015, Rosario, Argentina
  • DGF Jahrestagung und Mitgliederversammlung: XII. H.P. Kaufmann-Tage, 18.-20. November 2015, Heidelberg, Deutschland
  • 11th International Congress on Coronary Heart Diseases, 29 November-2 December 2015, Florence, Italy

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