Euro Fed Lipid Newsletter February 2012: Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines


Dear Reader,

2011 has been for many companies and governments still a year of recovery after the 2008-2009 financial crisis. But 2011 will most probably be remembered as the year where the Euro came under fire. Europe will survive, because of our cultural richness, mutual solidarity and strong belief in our abilities. More worrying is the worldwide decreasing interest in the climate change and lack of courage to take clear actions against global warming. Hopefully politicians around the world will understand the urgency to change our lifestyle and take the right decisions to secure the future of our next generations. 2012 will be a challenge for every one of us.

It is indeed time to find the right balance between economical growth, social justice and environmental responsibility. For Euro Fed Lipid, 2011 was the year where we welcomed our 13th member, the European section of the American Oil Chemists Society EAOCS. The 9th Euro Fed Lipid Congress, held this year in September in Rotterdam, was again a success with over 600 delegates attending. Awards were given to prof. Ole Mouritsen (ELSA), prof. Roland Verhé (ELTA), prof. Gunter Daum (Normann medal) and Dr. Philippe Guesnet (Chevreul medal). A second Fellow award was granted to prof. Fritz Spener for his dedication and valuable contribution to the Euro Fed Lipid organization.

The 10th Euro Fed Lipid Congress will take place end of September in Cracow, Poland. This year subject is "Fats, Oils and Lipids: from Science and Technology to Health". I hope to see and meet you all there on September 23rd. More information about this 2012 congress can be found on our website. Please have also a look at the other events Euro Fed Lipid is actively supporting.

Last but not least my special thanks to Frank and his team in Frankfurt for keeping the Euro Fed Lipid train moving. I'm looking forward to what 2012 will bring for Euro Fed Lipid and his growing member organizations.

With my very best personal wishes to all of you for a "greener and more stable" 2012,

Marc Kellens
President of Euro Fed Lipid

Euro Fed Lipid Congress 2012

10th Euro Fed Lipid Congress
23-26 September 2012, Cracow, Poland

Fats, Oils and Lipids:
From Science and Technology to Health

Submit your lecture or poster abstract here
(Deadline for lectures is 9 March 2012)

Main Lectures:
  • Opening Lecture: Christopher Dayton, Bunge Global Markets, Bourbonnais, IL/USA: "The Biotechnology Processing Revolution in Fats and Oils"
  • European Lipid Science Award: Daniele Piomelli, University of California, Irvine, CA/USA: "Lipid-mediated Signaling as a Source of New Medicine"
  • European Lipid Technology Award: Frank Veldkamp, MAHLE Industrial Filtration, Lochem, The Netherlands: "Title to be announced"
  • SFEL Chevreul Medal: Florence Lacoste, ITERG, Pessac, France: "Undesirable Substances in Vegetable Oils: Nothing to Declare?"
  • DGF Normann Medal: t.b.a.

  • Keynote Lectures:
  • Gerd Schmitz, University Hospital of Regensburg,Germany,
  • Valerie O'Donnell, University of Cardiff, UK,
  • Jun Ogawa, Kyoto University, Japan
  • Eric Decker, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA/USA
  • Sten Stymne, Swedish Univ. of Agricultural Sci., Alnarp, Sweden
  • Ramon Aparicio, Instituto de la Grasa (CSIC), Sevilla, Spain
  • Ursel Wahrburg, University of Applied Science, Münster
  • Wim De Greyt, DeSmet Ballestra Group, Zaventem, Belgium
  • Malgorzata Szumacher-Strabel, Agric. University of Poznan, Poland

  • Table Top Exhibition

    Social Programme



    Cracow: Home of the Bagel

    Bagels have become a popular bread product in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, but they were actually invented in Cracow. In the 16th and first half of the 17th century, the bajgiel became a staple of the Polish national diet.

    The basic roll-with-a-hole design is hundreds of years old and has practical advantages: the hole could be used to thread string or dowels through groups of bagels, allowing for easier handling and transportation and more appealing seller displays.

    Bagels are traditionally shaped by hand into the form of a ring from yeasted wheat dough, roughly hand-sized, which is first boiled for a short time in water and then baked.

    In the context of Jewish culture, the production process provided an additional advantage in that it could be followed without breaking the no-work rule of the Sabbath. The bagel would be prepared on the day before, chilled during the day, and boiled and baked only after the end of the Sabbath, therefore using the Sabbath as a productive time in the bagel-making process.

    Bagels were brought to the United States by immigrant Polish-Jews, but still you can buy plain, poppy and sesame bagels in Cracow on every corner.
    The photo's source is this  TravelPod Page


    Euro Fed Lipid: Deadlines

    Second European Symposium on Microbial Lipids, Bern:
    25 February:  FEBS Youth Travel Funds (YTF) & Transcontinental Trans YTF Grants, Deadline for applications
    1 March 2012: Deadline for Lectures
    1 March 2012: Deadline for Congress Registration
    1 April: Deadline for Posters

    10th Euro Fed Lipid Congress, Cracow:
    9 March 2012: Deadline for Lectures
    28 March: Deadline for advertisements/ programme brochure

    Young Lipid Scientist Award:
    31 March deadline for applications

    H.P. Kaufmann-Prize for Young Scientists:
    31 March deadline for applications

    (DGF) Hermann Pardun-Stipendium für Abschlußarbeiten:
    Bewerbung bis 31. März

    (DGF) Schülerpreis:
    Bewerbung bis 31. März


    EJLST: Free Virtual Issue on PUFA and related topics

    ...featuring articles published 2009-2011 in EJLST and Lipid Technology. All articles are free through Feb 29. See
    or directly:



    Congresses, Meetings, Symposia and Workshops

    For more upcoming events until 2017 please see the Euro Fed Lipid congress calendar.


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