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Euro Fed Lipid Newsletter December 2009: How to pronounce Nürnberger Rostbratwürstel?

Dear Readers,

I have been working for several companies in the field of Fats and Oils since early 1990’s dealing with R&D projects, standardization matters, product quality issues, marketing questions, environmental purposes. In France I have been particularly involved in biodiesel industrial development starting from the very beginning. Since 2000 as ITERG Executive Director I have participated with my co-workers on nutrition and green chemistry projects and did contribute to the recognized development of the Institute. More recently with Michel LAGARDE and Fernando LEAL CALDERON we have left the great experience of the creation of LISA (Lipids for Industry SAfety and health) Carnot Institute.
With the permanent objective of trying to promote industry and academia partnerships, I have also been an active participant to scientific societies at national level, such as AFECG, and European level through EURO FED LIPID. After the EFL founding generation with Michel PARMENTIER and Fritz SPENER as main prestigious representatives, I was part of the second generation of the Council of Management members along with Ron POTMAN and Michael BOCKISCH. In the mean time, thanks to Frank AMONEIT’s achievements EURO FED LIPID has become a world leader in the organization of well-established scientific congresses and conferences and successful trade fair events as well as editor of internationally recognized journals such as EJLST with dedicated and faithful partners. Due to a professional move it is now time for me to transmit EFL flame to the third generation: Marc KELLENS, Gerrit Van DUIJN and Uwe BORNSCHEUER. Because of the solid roots of the organization and the quality and professionalism of the persons in charge, I do it with a great confidence for the future.
This editorial is also an opportunity given to me to thank personalities who did help me to learn and progress in this Fats and Oils field: Georges VERMEERSCH, Alain BRINON, René ARMENGAUD, Jean KLERE François MORDRET and many others.
Frederic Staat

Frédéric STAAT
until 31. December 2009

Euro Fed Lipid Congresses

2010 in Munich: the First European Fat Summit!
Euro Fed Lipid Congress plus oils+fats tradeshow.
One travel, two opportunities!

Part 1:
8th Euro Fed Lipid Congress
21-24 November 2010
Munich, Germany

Submit your lecture abstract online until 14 April 2010!

With a congress of this size, internationality and significance draws a lot of interest from companies wishing to enhance their visibility on international markets. A sponsorship or an advertisement in the framework of the 8th Euro Fed Lipid congress is the perfect investment with excellent value for money.

The series of Euro Fed Lipid congresses is regularly attended  by 600-800 delegates from over 50 countries. With up to 50% of the delegates working in industry, while the other half are based in universities or research institutions.
Several thousand copies of the programme brochure will be mailed globally in spring.
Here you can find some suggestions for sponsorships which have been popular among companies in the past. Don't wait too long with a decision, some options are only available once only and with an early decision your visibility lasts longer.
For more details contact Frank Amoneit.

Part 2:

oils+fats 2010
24-26 November 2010, Munich, Germany

We hope that you were just as satisfied with the results of having participated in oils+fats 2009 and look forward to seeing you again from 24 - 26 November 2010 - back at the M,O,C, in Munich. Welcome! Be sure to also attend the congress hosted by our cooperation partner Euro Fed Lipid, which will be held in Munich from November 21 - 24, 2010.

We from oils+fats  join in wishing all our friends and customers a happy and healthy holiday season. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to sharing with you a prosperous and productive New Year.

Your oils+fats Team

For further information: www.oils-and-fats.com

8th Euro Fed Lipid Congress Munich



What to do in Munich?

The Bavarian Cuisine offers some delicacies ("Schmankerl") not found elsewhere. On Monday 22 November 2010 you have the opportuninty to taste  some of them at the casual Bavarian Evening, which will take place at the Unionsbräu, a homebrewery in Munich. Test your knowledge of the Bavarian dialect and try to find out what is served:
Hint:a good place to start is Wikipedia (German), search the word and change to the language of your choice.
The quick way is the article on Bavarian cuisine

Hausgemachtes Griebenschmalz
Wurstsalat von Regensburgern
Echte Nürnberger Rostbratwürstel
Warmer Beinschinken
Gebackener Leberkäse
Krustenbraten vom Wammerl



Division Oleochemistry

The Oleochemistry Division of Euro Fed Lipid takes care of all non food uses of natural oils and fats, of vegetable, animal or microbial origin. A focus of the activities will be the development and introduction of new value added chemicals and chemical intermediates with the aim of changing the currently used petroleum based feedstock towards a renewable based economy. Nevertheless, biodiesel and other fuel applications will remain a core component of the division. Moreover, the study and application of the principles of green chemistry for the mentioned applications is our resolution. Therefore, the oleochemistry division sees its task in sharing knowledge and developing new standard for sustainability, renewability of natural resources and substitution of existing chemicals with renewable ones.
A non exhaustive list of oleocemical uses includes:
  • Biodiesel of first generation as well as other biofuels (e.g. algae, fuel from waste biomass, …)
  • Development of new plant oil based renewable platform chemicals and products by extensively studying and developing the chemistry of glycerol and fatty acids
  • Molecules of high biological value, such as vitamins, terpenic hydrocarbons, sterols that can be recovered from oil plants and fruits. Applications of these high value minor components can include: nutraceuticals, pharmacological, cosmetical, or technical uses
  • Cosmetic products
  • Paints, coatings and printing inks
  • Biolubricants and biosolvents
  • Detergents and tensides  
All interested members are invited to join our Division, which will be organised as an open source, web-based, platform. (Please contact the headquarters to join the division). All discussions covering the above mentioned topics are welcome.


Other Euro Fed Lipid Meetings

Euro Fed Lipid: 4th International Symposium on Dietary Fatty Acids and Health, 3-4 March 2010, Frankfurt, Germany

Euro Fed Lipid: FEBS Workshop on Microbial Lipids, From Genomics to Lipidomics, 13-15 May 2010, Vienna, Austria

Companies wishing visibility in the framework of this congress are kindly asked to contact the headquarters to discuss their needs.

Euro Fed Lipid



Information provided by member societies and cooperating organisations

For more upcoming events please see the Euro Fed Lipid congress calendar.


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