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Euro Fed Lipid Newsletter February 2011:  Deep-Frying - Errors and Myths

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6th International Symposium on Deep-Frying
-Errors and Myths of Industrial and Catering Frying-
22-24 May 2011, Hagen, Germany

Dear Readers,

The frying process is a very popular and ancient method to cook foods that have desirable color, appearance, flavor and texture. It is also a quick, simple and easy way to prepare food.

Abused frying fats and oils, that contain high levels of degradation products, may lead to organoleptic failures and possible loss of sales, a decrease of nutritional value and changes in the physical properties (foaming, increasing viscosity) of the oils.

A wide variety of analytical methods, both rapid and official, have been developed to test the chemical and physical properties of heated and abused oils. More than 500 different compounds have been detected in such oils, some of which are unhealthy.  The previous five symposia on deep frying have focused subjects such as determining the proper chemical indices for evaluating the degree of fat degradation and new methods and technologies aimed at improving the overall process.
The theory of the frying processing was long neglected and only recently have oil chemists begun to better understand the process. Many errors, myths and misunderstandings still exist, however. A better understanding of deep frying science and technology is necessary in order to produce good fried products more economically with better flavor and a good shelf-life.

Since the last symposium on frying in San Francisco 2005, the discussion on healthier food has been the main focus for the food industry. One of industry's responses has been to adopt no- and low-trans free frying fats for frying. To address the acryliamide issue, processing parameters, such as the effects of reduced temperature have been examined. The industry is also trying to better monitor the oil quality and using additives to improve the heat and oxidative stability of frying oils. But all technical changes in the frying industry and restaurants need a firm scientific background to avoid unpleasant surprises and to follow good quality practices.

The technical program of the forth coming congress will cover all aspects of optimum and safe frying. It will provide a comprehensive overview of the theory of the frying processing. Furthermore, possibilities to improve the quality and heat stability of frying oils will be examined. In addition, the program will look at alternatives to trans fats, such as the use of natural and synthetic additives and filtering treatments.

Since the ultimate goal of food processors is to ensure the safety of the foods they produce, the principles of HACCP, legal regulations and measures to control quality and safety of food ingredients and oil, monitoring the degradation of oil in the fryer and probable formation of toxic compounds during frying will also be discussed.

 We look forward to welcoming you in Hagen!

Information and Registration:

Christian Gertz
Hagen, Germany
Richard F. Stier
Sonoma/CA, USA

Euro Fed Lipid Congress 2011

9th Euro Fed Lipid Congress
Oils, Fats and Lipids for a Healthy and Sustainable World
18-21 September 2011
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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oils+fats 2011: Register Online - and be an Exhibitor 

5 - 7 October 2011 - Already made a note of the dates in your diary? If you haven't, it might now be time to do so, because coming up later this year in Munich is oils+fats, International Trade Fair for the Technology and Trade of Oils and Fats.

Preparations for the fair are already running at full pitch, and the list of exhibitors is getting longer and longer. If you also want to be an exhibitor at the next oils+fats (5-7 October 2011), just fill in the application form online and send it off at the click of a mouse.

An e-paper version of the exhibitors brochure is also available at the fair's website. Click, read and learn! Any questions? Just call the new team at oils+fats and we'll help.

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75th Anniversary of DGF

75 DGF

The Euro Fed Lipid founding member DGF was established by Prof. Hans Paul Kaufmann in the year 1936 and is this year celebrating its 75th anniversary. Beside other activities DGF plans to partly dedicate the 2011 H.P. Kaufmann days in Heidelberg (17-18 November 2011) to the history. There is a book publication (in German language) with the history of the society available at

DGF has received numerous kind addresses from all over the world that can be found at this webpage as well.


EJLST Highlights February: Drug Delivery

The February issue brings three articles dealing with the hot topic of Drug Delivery:
Haug, I.J. et al. Eur. J. Lipid Sci. Technol. 2011, 113, 00-00
Su, M. Eur. J. Lipid Sci. Technol. 2011, 113, 00-00
Hong, Y-J. et al. Eur. J. Lipid Sci. Technol. 2011, 113,00-00 

The health benefits of omega-3 PUFA are now widely recognized. Haug et al. present new vehicle for oral delivery of PUFA - soft and chewable capsules with emulsified oil trapped inside a gelatin matrix. The bioavailability of PUFA was significantly greater when delivered in these gelled emulsions than from traditional oil-filled soft gel capsules. In addition to the active components, the chewable capsules can also be loaded with flavors or dyes, making them more attractive to consumers.

Vinorelbine (VRB) is an anti-mitotic drug used to treat some types of cancer. When injected as a solution, VRB causes severe local irritation. Su et al. studied the pharmacokinetics and tissue distribution of VRB delivered in an oil-in-water parenteral lipid emulsion (VLE) in rats, mice and dogs. The emulsion was composed of soybean oil, medium-chain  triglycerides, egg yolk lecithin, poloxamer-188, oleate, glycerol, and antioxidants. This study is a part of a preclinical evaluation of VLE.

Liposomes are important as vehicles for the delivery of water soluble drugs. A key challenge is that the entrapped content is released at the right location in the body or a cell. A common approach to achieve such controlled release is based on using pH sensitive liposomes. Hong et al. employed acidic proteinoid on the surface of liposomes and studied how the contents are released using the calcein quenching assay. At low pH, the proteinoid undergoes a conformational change which imposes a mechanical stress on the liposomal  membrane, resulting in deformation and damage, which leads to the release of the content.
Photo: EJLST


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