[updated 01.10.2014]

Euro Fed Lipid supports the software Oil-Expert produced by comicon, Hamburg.

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comicon was founded by Dr. Hans Cullmann in 1995 with the aim to develop software and offer expert advice to food industries with emphasis on the lipid chemistry. Now comicon has 18-year-experience in developing software for and giving expert advice to the lipid chemistry.

During this period some special programs for fat chemists were developed such as Oil-Inspector, Peak-O-mat, SFC-Application and Oil-Expert.net. In addition, comicon has advised companies on how to optimize production processes in the fat processing industry.

Oil-Expert.net is a further development of OilExpert. In the latest release it covers and supports the whole product development cycle, especially the development of recipes for fat refineries, margarine factories and the confectionery & chocolade industry. Particulary if working with edible fats and oils it is possible to move a large part of laboratory work to the PC by calculation, simulation and optimization recipes and parameters including Solid Fat Content.

The benefits of OilExpert.net at a glance: -Simplification and cost control in product development
-Workflow from the first idea to the first delivery
-Search engine
-Audit Trail
-All important data is stored in a server database and is available at any time
-Integrated recipe management with multi-level assemblies
-Integrated specification management incl. production instructions
-Significant reduction of costs and time regarding laboratoty tests and analysis
-Cost optimization - getting the recipe with the lowest price
-Rapid response to customer requests and internal product requirements
-Rapid response to questions about possible recipes

To get more informations about OilExpert.net download the brochure or contact comicon for a presentation or a demonstration with practical examples via internet.

comicon GmbH, Beim Strohhause 31, 20097 Hamburg, Germany
Phone: +49/40 703 856 - 90, Fax: +49/40 703 856 - 919
E-mail: info@comicon.de