Dear members and friends of Euro Fed Lipid,

The 15th Euro Fed Lipid Congress was held in the very nice city of Uppsala from 27th to 30th August and counted more than 600 participants from all the continents. On behalf of Euro Fed Lipid, I thank very much all the ones who made this congress a success with the quality of its scientific program and networking:

The Nordic Lipidforum who hosted the event, the two congress chairs, Ingrid Undeland and Bengt Herslöf, for their involvement and time, the scientific committee, the Euro Fed Lipid staff and all the speakers for the scientific quality of their presentations.

We had also in 2017 two satellites events that were very successful, the 8th European Symposium on Plant Lipids held in Malmö, Sweden, in July, and the 9th International Symposium on Deep-Frying that was held in October for the first time in China (Shanghai) and organized jointly by the Euro Fed Lipid and the Chinese Cereals and Oils Association.

Our next annual congress and Expo will be in Belfast, Northern Ireland (16-19 September 2018) and hosted by the Lipids Group of the SCI. The SCI Lipids Group was formed in 1951 as the Oils & Fats Group, is a founding member of Euro Fed Lipid and previously hosted an EFL Congress in 2004 in Edinburgh, Scotland, which was very successful. I am confident that this 2018 congress will be also a great event. Its theme will be “Science, Technology and nutrition in a changing world” and will include, as well as the usual Euro Fed Lipid Division streams, a stream focussed on dairy fats, since this represents a large industry in Ireland. For this congress, please also note that nominations for both the European Lipid Science Award and European Lipid Technology Award are opened. Nominations can be made up January 31st, 2018, to the Euro Fed Lipid office by Euro Fed Lipid members, societies in membership and former recipients of the Award. Self-nomination is not accepted.

My two years contribution as Euro Fed Lipid President has now come to an end. I have enjoyed very much working in cooperation with the board members and the Divisions Chairs and with the help of the Euro Fed Lipid staff and I thank very much all of you for that. I am fully confident that my successor Hans Christian Holm, our new Vice President Karin Schwarz and our new treasurer Karel Hrncirik will be a very efficient leading team and I wish them all the best for the future of Euro Fed Lipid.

With my very best wishes for a happy and healthy 2018, I also wish you a lot of positive results and great discoveries in this fascinating world of lipids!


Pierre Villeneuve
Euro Fed Lipid President

16th Euro Fed Lipid Congress and Expo

"Fats, Oils and Lipids: Science, Technology and Nutrition in a Changing World"
16-19 September 2018, Belfast, UK
hosted by the SCI Lipidgroup

Deadline: for lecture abstracts is 28 February 2018!

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New confirmed keynote lecture:
Chuanbing Tang, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC/USA
"Macromolecular Engineering of Plant Oils: from Robust Synthesis to Functional Materials"

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Belfast: The Crown Liquor Saloon

You will find the historic Crown Liquor Saloon in Belfast in Great Victoria Street. However, you won't find another place like it.

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The Crown is both ageless and priceless, a gem of Victoriana and one of the great bars of the world. Formerly known as The Liquor Saloon in Great Victoria Street, it was one of the mightiest Victorian gin palaces which once flourished in the industrial cities of the British Isles. Dating back to 1826, it is now owned by the National Trust and has been sympathetically restored over the years.

Crown The Crown remains a unique visual gem, a veritable masterpiece in bar architecture, which has the distinction of being known to millions the world over. The exterior facade of the bar is a riot of polychromatic tiles which clearly hint at the box of delights to be found within. At first sight the outside is so exotically overwhelming that one has difficulty in registering the fine detail work.

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News from the Divisions

The "Oleochemistry" Division of Euro Fed Lipid has undergone a substantial modernisation. A review had shown that not only the name, but also the scope of the division were outdated.

So it was decided to rename the division to

Oleochemistry, Molecule and Polymer Science

The Division takes care of all non-food uses of natural oils and fats, of vegetable, animal or microbial origin. A focus of the activities will be the development and introduction of new value added chemicals and chemical intermediates with the aim of changing the currently used petroleum based feedstock towards a renewable based economy.

Nevertheless, biodiesel and other fuel applications will remain a core competence of the division. Moreover, the study and application of the principles of green chemistry for the mentioned applications is our resolution. Therefore, the Oleochemistry, Molecule and Polymer Science division sees its task in sharing knowledge and developing new standard for sustainability, renewability of natural resources and substitution of existing chemicals with renewable ones.

A non-exhaustive list of oleochemical uses includes:
- Biodiesel of first generation as well as other biofuels (e.g. algae, fuel from waste biomass,...)
- Development of new plant oil based renewable platform chemicals and products by extensively studying and developing the chemistry of triglycerides, glycerol, fatty acids and derivatives
- Monomers and additives derived from plant oils
- Polymers and materials, derived from plant oils, for various applications such as paints, inks, coatings, binders, foams, thermoplastics or thermosets materials, composites
- Additives or active molecules for various applications biolubricants, biosolvents, surfactants, plasticizers, detergents, cosmetics - Molecules of high biological value, such as vitamins, terpenic hydrocarbons, sterols that can be recovered from oil plants and fruits. Applications of these high value minor components can include: nutraceuticals, pharmacological, cosmetical, or technical uses
All interested people are invited to join our Division, which will be organized as an open source, web-based, platform. All discussions covering the above mentioned topics are welcome.

EJLST: Highlights

Novel type of carbon-centered antioxidants arylmethyl Meldrum's acids – inhibit free radicals
Inese Mierina, Mara Jure, Sindija Zeberga, Violeta Makareviciene, Daina Zicane, Zenta Tetere, and Irisa Ravina
DOI: 10.1002/ejlt.201700172

Arylmethyl Meldrum's acids are new type of antioxidants, which scavenge free radicals both in lipophilic and hydrophilic media. These compounds are found as excellent inhibitors of autooxidation processes in fatty acid methyl esters. In some cases, they are comparable or even better antioxidants than well-known butylated hydroxytoluene.

EJLST Can chemometrics protect pumpkin seed oil buyers from false Styrian PGI labels?
Sandra Balbino
DOI: 10.1002/ejlt.201700204

A group of scientists from Loeben Universtity is proposing the use of chemometrics in the detection of authenticity of Styrian PGI pumpkin seed oil. They have shown that pumpkin seeds from Austria and foreign countries differ in the composition of various element traces. Based on that they are able to differentiate between false and authentic PGI pumpkin seed using mathematical modeling.

Lactobacilli survival and adhesion to colonic epithelial cell lines is dependent on long chain fatty acid exposure
Kerry L. Bentley-Hewitt, Arjan Narbad, Gosia Majsak-Newman, Mark R. Philo and Elizabeth K. Lund
DOI: 10.1002/ejlt.201700062

Overview of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) potential effects on bacteria adhesion. (1) Unabsorbed PUFA directly effects bacteria in the colon. (2) Systemic delivery of PUFA following absorption can (a) Bind peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPAR), that can lead to production of transforming growth factor-β resulting in tolerance towards bacteria. (b) Be precursors for series 3 prostaglandins (PG) that lead to lower inflammatory responses. (c) Be precursors to series 2 PG and enhance inflammatory products, however, precursors can bind PPAR and result in inhibition of inflammatory responses. (d) Unsaturated PUFAs lead to a more fluidic membrane composition, potentially altering bacterial adhesion sites.

Sicilian Opuntia ficus-indica seed oil: Fatty acid composition and bio-economical aspects
Rosaria Ciriminna, David Bongiorno, Antonino Scurria, Carmelo Danzì, Giuseppe Timpanaro, Riccardo Delisi, Giuseppe Avellone and Mario Pagliaro
DOI: 10.1002/ejlt.201700232

The fatty acid composition of the seed oil from the yellow fruit of Opuntia ficus-indica widely grown in Sicily shows several distinctive features. The oil obtained comprises significant amounts of vaccenic acid along with several other unsaturated fatty acids showing several health benefits, including linolenic, trans-13-octadecenoic, gondoic, 7Z,10Z-hexadecadienoic, and gadoleic acid. The economic analysis shows the significant advantage of carrying out the extraction from fruits considered unfit for consumption

Congress Calendar next 12 Months

de XX. Lipid Meeting
7-9 December 2017, Leipzig, Germany

SCI be Tropical Oils - Production, Applications, Nutritional and Health Aspects
8 December 2017, Ghent, Belgium

fr Lipids & Cosmetics
25-26 January 2018, Bordeaux, France

DGF DE DGF 4. Fortbildungskurs
22.-23. Februar 2018, Hamburg

gb Fatty Acid and Lipid Analysis Course
22-23 February 2018, Dundee, UK

SCI gb Food Antioxidants and Functional Ingredients
13-14 November 2017 7-8 March 2018, London, UK

sg 7th International Singapore Lipid Symposium
7-9 March 2018, Singapore

fr 2dn Sustainable Oils&Fats International Congress
29-30 March 2018, Paris, France

gr Bioactive Lipids, From Chemistry to Biology and Medicine
29-31 March 2018, Athens, Greece

AOCS us 109th AOCS Annual Meeting
6-9 May 2018, Minneapolis, USA

EFL at 2nd International Symposium on Lipid Oxidation and Antioxidants
4-6 June 2018, Graz, Austria

jp 23rd Int. Symposium on Plant Lipids
8-13 July 2018, Yokohama, Japan

Belfast gb 16th Euro Fed Lipid Congress and Expo
16-19 September 2018, Belfast, UK

DGF DE DGF Jahrestagung 2018
29.-30. November 2018, Hamburg


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