In memory of Lars Hellgren – a true lipid enthusiast with a great smile

Hellgren It was with great sadness we received the message that our board member Lars Hellgren passed away on June 4th, after nearly two years of fighting against cancer.

Lars has been a huge contributor to our society for many years. He entered the board of Nordic Lipidforum back in 2003, acted Chair between 2007 and 2009, and attended his last board meeting late autumn 2016. Lars´ enthusiasm, great ideas and professional attitude has throughout this whole period been invaluable.

Lars was since 1997 employed at DTU, where he was a highly appreciated teacher and scientist. He was teaching at all levels from bachelor to PhD courses and always with great passion. Within his scientific career, Lars specialized in nutritional aspects of lipids, and focused particularly on the metabolism of ceramides and sphingomyelin in cell membranes. Later on his focus increasingly turned to the role of lipids for metabolic regulations in relation to metabolic diseases. In 2015 Lars, initiated and coordinated the InfantBrain project engaging both industry and academia in Denmark and he had great expectation for this project, which he had worked so hard to get funding for.

Within The Nordic Lipidforum, Lars great passion for teaching and transfer of knowledge made him deeply engage in the development of the Lipidforum Academy, which was held for the first time before the EFL/Lipidforum symposia in Göteborg, 2007. With help from Lars hard work, the Nordic Lipidforum Academy has since then been a highly successful bi-annual event. Lars’ good spirit together with his social skills, competence and large network has however not only been a huge asset for the Nordic Lipidforum Academy, but also for other events such as symposia and seminars. Not least, his input and help in organizing the upcoming EFL/Lipidforum symposia in August has been of great value, and will be in our minds in Uppsala when we carry through this event.

Lars, we will never forget your big smile, your overwhelming laughter and warm attendance. We all feel proud that we had a chance to work with you.

Our thoughts go to his son August, Marie, and to the rest of his family in this very difficult period.

Please also see the obituary of Lars Hellgren from DTU on their homepage here.

Ingrid Undeland
Robert Wolff
Charlotte Jacobsen

15th Euro Fed Lipid Congress

Poster "Oil, Fats and Lipids: New Technologies and Applications for a Healthier Life"
27-30 August 2017, Uppsala, Sweden
hosted by the Nordic Lipidforum

This is the final reminder to register before 14 July and to receive the early bird discount on your registration

Summary Page with lectures, posters and congress registration

You may also wish to attend the satellite meeting:
Nordic Lipidforum Academy 2017, University of Uppsala, 23-27 August 2017

An introductory course in Lipid Science and Technology for Ph.D. students and employees in the fats and oil industry.

A small group project on relevant topics will also be carried out and presented during the course.
Course credit: 3 ECTS point
Course language: English
Maximum number of participants: 25
More details and Registration:

10 Things to know about Swedish Food

Swedish food is much more than just iconic meatballs and chewy fish-shaped sweets. If you want to know a herring from a crayfish and a kanelbulle from a prinsesstårta, here are ten vital facts about Swedish food traditions.

For the long version find all details here:

#1 Lingonberries go with anything
#2 Pickled herring – centre of the Smörgåsbord
#3 Crispbread – what’s your favourite topping?
#4 Räksmörgås and other open sandwiches
#5 Pea soup and pancakes
#6 Prinsesstårta – a royal indulgence
#7 The calendar of sweet delights
#8 Crazy for crayfish
#9 There’s something fishy about Surströmming
#10 Lördagsgodis (Saturday sweets)

If you want to try some recipes before you travel to Sweden look here for suggestions:

Picture: Wikipedia, Steffen Wurzel. Swedish meatballs with cream sauce, mashed potatoes, pickled cucumber, and lingonberry jam

"Course "Crushing of Oil Seeds and "Food Safety Forum"

The oils+fats trade show is the frame for a number of special events, namely:

DGF-Continuing Education
3rd Course: “Crushing of Oil Seeds“ Munich, Germany, 13-14 September 2017
Held during Oils+Fats Exhibition

press ‘Nothing is more consistent as change’ and thus nothing is more consistent as the need for continuous education. This is also the case for oil milling. The requirements change continuously and become more and more demanding: not only on the input materials but as well as on the final products (key word: feed and food safety, MCPD, mineral oil…), on the process technology and the processes themselves – in terms of efficiency, safety and utilization.

The DGF offers this course to newcomers, lateral entrants, but even old hands to transfer basic knowledge, but also to discuss new and actual topics with the participants and experts: As well as the fundamental current problems of daily oil mill operation will be discussed with the participants and solutions elaborated for practical usage - based on long year experience in engineering and operating oil mills. The course will have the character of a seminar – to pick up specific issues raised by the participants.

Information and Registration
Picture: Wikipedia, Günther Barten Nawaro

Food Safety Forum
During oils+fats 2017, International trade fair for Technology and Innovations, which will be held from September 11 to 15 in Munich, together with drinktec and SIMEI@drinktec, there will be a food safety forum dedicated to recent issues with food oil contaminants, present or formed during the processing of oils and fats.

The discovery of the formation and presence of 2 and 3-MCPD esters and Glycidyl esters in vegetable oils, in particularly in palm oil, has triggered a chain reaction in the vegetable oil production and food oil processing industry to tackle this new challenging problem before consumers are getting too concerned. A whole range of measures from the oil crop to the final refined oil use, are already taken or under way to reduce and limit as much as possible the presence and formation of these minor components. The aim of the food safety forum is to address this new challenge and show what is already being done today and what is to be expected in near future. Experts from various domains, will explain their view on the matter, be it from official side, industrial producers and processors as well from technological and analytical point of view.

The forum aims to reach all interested parties, from official bodies, industrial food oil processors and producers, to technology and solution providers and those responsible for food safety in general.

The forum is free of charge and included in the entrance fee of oils+fats 2017.
A program of the food safety forum is available on the website of oils+fats here:

EJLST Highlights

Volume 119, Issue 6, June 2017
Special Issue: Lipid Oxidation and Antioxidants
The latest issue of European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology is available on Wiley Online Library

EJLST Encapsulation of cholecalciferol and ergocalciferol in oil-in-water emulsions by different homogenization techniques
Nauman Khalid, Isao Kobayashi, Marcos A. Neves, Kunihiko Uemura, Mitsutoshi Nakajima, and Hiroshi Nabetani
DOI: 10.1002/ejlt.201600247
Ergocalciferol and cholecalciferol are bioactive compounds whose deficiency in human system results in rickets, osteoporosis and osteomalacia. Different homogenization methods were used to formulate stable food-grade oil-in-water (O/W) emulsions encapsulating a mixture of ergocalciferol and cholecalciferol. The O/W emulsions formulated under appropriate homogenization conditions remained stable in terms of variation of their volume mean diameter over 30 days. Release profile of ergocalciferol and cholecalciferol encapsulated in the O/W emulsions was little affected by the homogenization methods used.

Production of diacylglycerol-enriched oils by enzymatic interesterification and molecular distillation using soybean oil and distilled saturated monoacylglycerol
Qiong Chen, Ying Li, Junning Fu, Xiang Ma, Yinglai Teng, and Yong Wang
DOI: 10.1002/ejlt.201600332

Production of diacylglycerol-enriched oil as a novel ingredient for fluid margarine and monoacylglycerol with a certain unsaturation as a new emulsifier by enzymatic interesterification and molecular distillation.

9th International Symposium on Deep-Frying

Higher Quality, Safer Products and Further Use
30-31 October 2017, Shanghai, China

Pudong Early Bird Deadline for Registrations is 31 July! The international symposia on deep-fat frying organized through the DGF and Euro Fed Lipid have been held most of time in Europe and North America. This is the first time it is held in China and will be organized jointly by the Euro Fed Lipid and the Chinese Cereals and Oils Association.

Richard F. Stier, Sonoma, CA/USA
Ruiyuan Wang/ Xingguo Wang, CCOA/Jiangnan University, China
Qinzhe Jin, Jiannan University, China
Bertrand Matthaeus, Max Rubner Institut, Detmold, Germany
Felix Aladedunye, University of Lethbridge, Canada
Christian Gertz, Maxfry, Hagen, Germany
Jinfeng Qi, Jiangnan University, China
Yulan Liu, Henan University of Technology, China
Yuanrong Jiang, Wilmar, Shanghai, China
Lucky Inturrisi, Cargill, Melbourne, Australia
Xiangyu Wang COFCO, Bejing, China
Yan Liu, Cargill, Shanghai, China
Xu Li, Jiangnan University, China
Lingyi Liu, Wuhan Polytech University, China
Junmei Liang, Wilmar, Shanghai, China
Wenbo Mu, Wilmar, Shanghai, China

Information and Registration

Congress Calendar next 12 Months

EFL se 8th European Symposium on Plant Lipids
2-5 July 2017, Malmö, Sweden

LF se Lipidforum Academy
23-27 August 2017, Uppsala, Sweden

2017 se 15th Euro Fed Lipid Congress,
27-30 August 2017, Uppsala, Sweden

ro 4th High Oleic Oils Congress
5-6 September 2017, Bucharest, Romania

ICBL ch 58th ICBL Conference - Lipid Signalling in Health and Disease
10-14 September 2017, Zürich, Switzerland

au 10th AAOCS Biennial Meeting: Biotechnology, Lipidomics and Nutrition
11-13 September 2017, Barossa Valley, Australia

oils+fats de Trade Fair oils+fats
11-15 September 2017, Munich, Germany

DGF DE DGF Continuing Education, 3rd Course: Crushing of Oil Seeds
13-14 September 2017, Munich (during oils+fats trade show)

it SISSG Workshop
28-29 September 2017, Sanremo, Italy

it Cardiolipin as Key Lipid of Mitochondria in Health and Disease. Third Edition
1-2 October 2017, Martina Franca, Italy

GLF gr 7ο Πανελλήνιο Συνέδριο του Greek Lipid Forum
5 October 2017, Thessaloniki, Greece

fr SFEL: Lipids and Brain
8-11 October 2017, Nancy, France

mx 15th Bioactive Lipids Conference
22-25 October 2017, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

GERLI fr 13th GERLI Lipidomics Meeting
23-25 October 2017, Dijon, France

EFL cn Joint Meeting with CCOA: 9th International Meeting on Deep Frying
30-31 October 2017, Shanghai, China

DGF DE DGF Jahrestagunng
09.-10. November 2017, Hamburg

SCI gb Food Antioxidants and Functional Ingredients
13-14 November 2017, London, UK

de XX. Lipid Meeting
7-9 December 2017, Leipzig, Germany

fr Lipids & Cosmetics
25-26 January 2018, Bordeaux, France

AOCS us 109th AOCS Annual Meeting
6-9 May 2018, Minneapolis, USA

EFL at 2nd International Symposium on Lipid Oxidation and Antioxidants
4-6 June 2018, Graz, Austria

jp 23rd Int. Symposium on Plant Lipids
8-13 July 2018, Yokohama, Japan


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