Dear members and friends of Euro Fed Lipid,
The 14th Euro Fed Lipid Congress was held in this beautiful city of Ghent from 18 to 21 September and counted more than 550 participants from 50 different countries. On behalf of Euro Fed Lipid, I would like to thank very much all the people who contributed to the success of this event in terms of quality of the scientific program and networking: The BeNeLux Lipid Network as host association, the two congress chairs, Karel Hrncirik and Roland Verhé, their scientific committee, the Euro Fed Lipid staff and, of course, last but not least, all the speakers for the scientific quality of their presentations.

Our next annual congress will take place in Uppsala, Sweden from 27-30 August 2017 under the supervision of the Nordic Lipidforum as host association. The theme of the congress will be “New Technologies and Applications for a Healthier Life” and will emphasize the importance of lipids for a healthy life through its multiple functions in all aspects of human life and care.

This will be the 15th annual congress organized by Euro Fed Lipid. We are entering our “teenage” years and 15 years old is the time of evolution, mutation and new directions to be taken. In that context, the Euro Fed Lipid Board members would like to initiate a reflection on the future of our main events and bring new ideas of improvements to make our annual conference a place of intense scientific exchanges on this fascinating world of lipids. Therefore, I encourage you, members of Euro Fed Lipid, to give us your feedback, your ideas, of things you would like to see implemented for our upcoming conferences.

Sincerely yours,

Pierre Villeneuve
Euro Fed Lipid

15th Euro Fed Lipid Congress

Uppsala "Oil, Fats and Lipids: New Technologies and Applications for a Healthier Life"
27-30 August 2017, Uppsala, Sweden
hosted by the Nordic Lipidforum

Abstract submission is now open!

To submit a lecture or poster abstract please follow instructions
outlined here

Deadline for lecture abstracts:
3 February 2017

If you are unable to prepare a final version of you lecture abstract until then please prepare a preliminary version that can be exchanged or updated later.

Confirmed keynote lecture:
Lipids in Novel Foods:
Marina Heinonen, University of Helsinki, Finland:
"Lipid Containing Novel Foods and their Safety"

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Confirmed Silver Sponsor:
Malysian Palm Oil Board, Kuala Lumpur, MAL

Uppsala Domkyrka

Cathedral Uppsala Cathedral (Swedish: Uppsala domkyrka) is a landmark seen from many places in the city.

The cathedral dates to the late 13th century and at a height of 118.7 metres, it is the tallest church in the Nordic countries. Originally built under Roman Catholicism, it was used for coronations of Swedish monarchs for a lengthy period following the Protestant Reformation. Several of its chapels were converted to house the tombs of Swedish monarchs, including Gustav Vasa and John III. Carl Linnaeus, Olaus Rudbeck, Emanuel Swedenborg, and several archbishops are also buried here.

The cathedral's largest chapel, the Vasa Chapel, at the eastern end of the chancel, was originally known as the Chapel of the Virgin Mary. It later became a burial monument for Gustav Vasa and his family. Completed in 1583, it is decorated with the national arms of Sweden as well as with some of the oldest known Swedish and Finnish coats of arms.

The Finsta Chapel or St Eric's Chapel on the north-west corner of the chancel houses the relics of Eric the Holy, the patron saint of Sweden, who was killed in 1160 on the site where Uppsala Cathedral was later built.

Picture: Wikipedia, Hakan Svensson

8th European Symposium on Plant Lipids

Slide 2-5 July 2017, Malmö, Sweden

The main topics and keynote lectures are now available at the congress webpage.

The submission of abstracts is open now. Please prepare your abstract and choose one the main topics:

Session 1: Extracellular lipids
Session 2: Sphingolipids and sterols
Session 3: Lipids and environmental interactions
Session 4: Lipid membrane dynamics
Session 5: Storage lipid biosynthesis and metabolism
Session 6: Lipid catabolism and recycling
Session 7: Lipid metabolic modelling and flux analysis
Session 8: Lipid biotechnology

European Awards 2017

Awards European Lipid Science Award
European Lipid Technology Award

To honour distinguished persons in the fields of Lipid Science and Technology, Euro Fed Lipid has decided to sponsor the "European Lipid Science Award" and the "European Lipid Technology Award".

1. Rules of Eligibility
A nominee must have given outstanding contribution to the development of science or technology in the fields of lipids, fats and oils and must be recognised for such distinguished achievements in the community. The prospective recipient must agree to be present for acceptance of the award and to deliver an award address at the designated time and place.

2. Nomination and Selection of Awardees
Two committees consisting of the chairpersons of Euro Fed Lipid divisions are chaired by the president.

Nominations can be made up to end of March to the Euro Fed Lipid office by all Euro Fed Lipid members, Self-nomination is not accepted.

Nominations must include a summary of each nominee's accomplishments, his/her resume and a list of publications and/or other achievements.

For details on the Young Lipid Scientists award see

Congress Calendar next 12 Months

fr Workshop Isoprostanes, Neuroprostanes, Phytoprostanes: Biomarkers of Lipid Oxidation
7 November 2016, Montpellier/FR

de Second Lipidomics Forum
13-15 November 2016, Dortmund, Germany

DGF DE DGF Jahrestagung 2016, -XIII. H.P. Kaufmann-Tage-
Heidelberg, 24.-25. November 2016

us 9th World Congress on Prevention of Diabetes and its Complications
2-4 December 2016, Atlanta, USA

DGF DE Institut Kirchhoff:Mineraloelbestandteile in Lebensmitteln und Kosmetika
09.-10. Februar 2017, Berlin

au Third World Congress of Clinical Lipidology
10-12 February 2017, Brisbane, Australia

DGF DE Workshop Besser und Gesünder Frittieren
Bamberg, 06.-08. März 2017

de 9th Workshop on Fats and Oils as Renewable Feedstock for the Chemical Industry",
19–21 March 2017, Karlsruhe

Yabited tr YABİTED III. Bitkisel Yağ Kongresi
12-15 Nisan 2017, Izmir

AOCS us 108th AOCS Annual Meeting
May 2017, Orlando, Florida, USA

fr 13th Yeast Lipid Conference,
17-19 May 2017, Paris, France

EFL se 8th European Symposium on Plant Lipids
2-5 July 2017, Malmö, Sweden

2017 se 15th Euro Fed Lipid Congress,
27-30 August 2017, Uppsala, Sweden

oils+fats de Trade Fair oils+fats
September 2017, Munich, Germany

EFL cn Joint Meeting with CCOA: 9th International Meeting on Deep Frying
30-31 October 2017, Shanghai, China


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