Ghent 2016

14th Euro Fed Lipid Congress

"Fats, Oils and Lipids: Innovative Approaches towards a Sustainable Future"
18-21 September 2016, Ghent, Belgium

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The Early Bird Deadline is 12 August this year! Be smart and safe money by registering before 12 August!

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Gravensteen Castle

Gravensteen The Gravensteen is a castle in Ghent originating from the Middle Ages. The name means "castle of the counts" in Dutch. The Gravensteen is situated at an altitude of 9 meters.

The present castle was built in 1180 by count Philip of Alsace and was modeled after the crusaders castles that Philip of Alsace encountered while he participated in the second crusade. Before its construction, there stood a wooden castle on the same location, presumably built in the ninth century. The castle served as the seat of the Counts of Flanders until they abandoned it in the 14th century.

Gravensteen The castle was then used as a courthouse, a prison and eventually decayed. Houses were built against the walls and even on the courtyard and the stones of the walls were used to erect other buildings. At one time it even served as a factory. At the end of the 19th century, the castle was scheduled to be demolished.

In 1885 the city of Ghent bought the castle and started a renovation project. The newly built houses were removed and the walls and keep were restored to their original condition.

The castle has been repaired enough to allow people to travel through it and climb on top. It is still partly surrounded by the moat. Inside is a museum with various torture devices (and a guillotine) that were historically used in Ghent.

Text: Wikipedia. Picture: Wikipedia, Dennis Jarvis

OFIC 2016

The MOSTA secretariat has notified us that Euro Fed Lipid members enjoy membership conditions for registrations at the OFIC 2016 (19-21 October 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) congress and tradeshow.

MOSTA EFL Those conditions are 630 US$ for registrations until 30 August and 720 US$ for late registrations. Just claim the reduced fee and indicate that you are a Euro Fed Lipid member!

Euro Fed Lipid will take part in the industrial expo and is listed as supporting organisation.

Please find more details at

2017: The Swedish Summer of Euro Fed Lipid

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If you are a devoted follower of Euro Fed Lipid be prepared to spend the summer 2017 in Sweden! Not only will you be able to attend the 8th European Symposium on Plant Lipids, 2-5 July 2017 in Malmö.

We believe that many of you are already counting the days until the opening of the 15th Euro Fed Lipid Congress, 27-30 August 2017 in Uppsala!

Here is a tool to help you counting:

Isn't that a perfect opportunity to plan a summer vacation in Sweden as well?
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Congress Calendar next 12 Months

Lipidforum se Contemporary Methodologies for Analysis and Characterization of Lipids
23-24 August 2016, Stockholm, Sweden

tr 41st FEBS Congress
3-8 September 2016, Ephesus/Kusadasi, Turkey

ICBL fr 57th ICBL Conference 2016,
4-8 September, Chamonix, France

fr 3rd High Oleic Oils Congress
6-8 September 2016, Toulouse, France

Ghent be 14th Euro Fed Lipid Congress,
18-21 September 2016, Ghent, Belgium

SSC be Short Course: Enzyme Technology in Oilseeds, Oils, Fats & Protein Processing and Use
21-22 September 2016 Ghent, Belgium

my OFIC 2016,
19-21 October 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

FR 12th GERLI Meeting: Microbe and Host Lipids
23-26 October 2016, Toulouse/FR

de Second Lipidomics Forum
13-15 November 2016, Dortmund, Germany

DGF DE DGF Jahrestagung 2016, -XIII. H.P. Kaufmann-Tage-
Heidelberg, 24.-25. November 2016

us 9th World Congress on Prevention of Diabetes and its Complications
2-4 December 2016, Atlanta, USA

au Third World Congress of Clinical Lipidology
10-12 February 2017, Brisbane, Australia

AOCS us 108th AOCS Annual Meeting
May 2017, Orlando, Florida, USA

fr 13th Yeast Lipid Conference,
17-19 May 2017, Paris, France

EFL se 8th European Symposium on Plant Lipids
2-5 July 2017, Malmö, Sweden

2017 se 15th Euro Fed Lipid Congress,
27-30 August 2017, Uppsala, Sweden

oils+fats de Trade Fair oils+fats
September 2017, Munich, Germany


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