Euro Fed Lipid Newsletter September 2012: Where do you want to go this autumn?


  • Euro Fed Lipid Congress 2012
  • UNESCO World Heritage
  • Novel Sources for Omega-3 for Food and Feed
  • 7th International Symposium on Deep Frying
  • European Journal: Impact Factor 2011
  • Congress Calendar

  • Dear Reader,
    The 2nd symposium on "Biocatalysis in Lipid Modification", organised by the Euro Fed Lipid division "Biotechnology/ Enzyme Technology" in cooperation with SFEL and DGF will be held Sept. 19 - 21, 2012 at the Institute of Biochemistry at Greifswald University, (Greifswald, Germany).

    The conference will bring together researchers from academia and industry to provide a platform to exchange recent achievements in the field covering basic research as well as aspects related to process development / up-scaling using isolated enzymes and whole cell systems.

    The sessions will also cover the use of hydrolases in lipid modification (e.g., lipases, phospholipases), protein engineering of enzymes and microorganisms producing lipids. A range of well-reputated invited international speakers will present their latest research results.

    To learn more about the conference and register please explore the website at http://www.chemie.uni-greifswald.de/~biotech/lipids2012.html We very much look forward to an exciting conference.

    Bornscheuer Villeneuve
    Uwe T. Bornscheuer
    University of Greifswald
    Euro Fed Lipid division "Biotechnology"
    DGF Past President
    Pierre Villeneuve
    UMR IATE CIRAD, Montpellier
    Euro Fed Lipid Division Biotechnology
    SFEL Prsident

    Euro Fed Lipid Congress 2012

    The hotel contingent is fully booked.
    to find some last minute accommodation please contact:
    Jagiellonian University Events Office
    ul. Czapskich 4 / 301, 31-110 Krakow, Poland
    tel./fax: 0048 (12) 663 38 58

    See you in Cracow on 23 September for the opening ceremony with two plenary lectures and the welcome reception/ expo-/poster session.

    Last minute registration

    also in Cracow, 22-23 September:
    9th Practical Short Course:
    Newest Trends in Soft Processing and Downstream Technology
    Information and Registration



    UNESCO World Heritage

    The historic center of Cracow is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Read what the Unesco has to say:

    "The historic centre of Cracow, the former capital of Poland, is situated at the foot of the Royal Wawel Castle. The 13th-century merchants' town has Europe's largest market square and numerous historical houses, palaces and churches with their magnificent interiors. Further evidence of the town's fascinating history is provided by the remnants of the 14th-century fortifications and the medieval site of Kazimierz with its ancient synagogues in the southern part of town, Jagellonian University and the Gothic cathedral where the kings of Poland were buried."


    Continue reading at the UNESCO website: http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/29/


    Novel Sources for Omega-3 for Food and Feed

    Novel Sources for Omega-3 for Food and Feed
    14-15 November 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark

    organised jointly by the Nordic Lipidforum and the division "Marine Lipids" of Euro Fed Lipid

    Silver Sponsor:

    Croda, Snaith, East Yorkshire, England

    The programme of the symposium
    Novel Sources for Omega-3 for Food and Feed
    Copenhagen, 14-15 November 2012
    has been published today.
    Please find details at the congress webpage.

    Please make sure to register and to book your hotel room until 30 September.

    Source Wikipedia, Author Freepenguin


    7th International Symposium on Deep Frying

    7th International Symposium on Deep Frying
    20-22 February 2013, San Francisco/CA, USA

    co-sponsored by AOCS

    Gold Sponsors:

    Bruker Optics GmbH, Ettlingen, Germany

    Filtercorp, Kirkland, WA, USA

    Maxfry GmbH, Hagen, Germany

    Information, Registration, Table Top Exhibition, Poster Submission at www.eurofedlipid.org/meetings/sanfrancisco2013



    European Journal: Impact Factor 2011

    Impact Factor 2011 announced
    The Impact Factor of EJLST has increased from 1.487 to 1.733 in 2011.

    Focus on STEROLS: Special issue FREE online now!
    Cholesterol versus other sterols: How do they compare as physiological regulators of cholesterol homeostasis?

    Cholesteryl esters and ACAT

    Oxysterol-binding proteins - emerging roles in cell regulation

    Cholesterol photosensitized oxidation in muscle foods

    Steryl glycosides and acylated steryl glycosides in plant foods reflect unique sterol patterns

    Call for cover illustrations
    The cover image for the June Special issue on STEROLS was provided by Dr. Anne Galea and Dr. Andrew Brown from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. The image represents the complexity of cellular (chole)sterol trafficking and metabolism as a maze and alludes to the ancient Greek legend of Theseus using a ball of thread to find his way out of King Minos' labyrinth.

    We invite you to contribute images for consideration as the front Journal cover. A brief description and acknowledgement will be published in the Journal. To submit the material and inquire about the conditions please contact the Editor by email at ejlst@wiley.com .



    Congress Calendar

  • ICBL: 53rd ICBL Conference, 4-9 September 2012, Banff, Canada
  • Euro Fed Lipid: Biocatalysis in Lipid Modification, 19-21 September 2012, Greifswald, Germany
  • 9th Practical Short Course:Newest Trends in Soft Processing and Downstream Technology, 22-23 September 2012, Cracow, Poland
  • Euro Fed Lipid: 10th Euro Fed Lipid Congress, "Fats, Oils and Lipids: from Science and Technology to Health", 23-26 September 2012, Cracow, Poland
  • Workshop on Lipid Mediators, 27-28 September 2012, Paris, France
  • GERLI: 9th GERLI Lipidomics Meeting "Lipids in Metabolic Diseases", 17-19 October 2012, Jussieu (Paris), France
  • SISSG: Workshop on Glycerol Marketing, Uses and Chemistry (registration), 18-19 October, Milan, Italy
  • Lipid Oxidation in Foods: Improving Food Quality and Protecting Bioactive Lipids, 13-14 November 2012, Amherst, MA, USA
  • Euro Fed Lipid Division "Marine Lipids" and Nordic Lipidforum: Novel Sources for Omega-3 for Food and Feed, 14-15 November 2012, Copenhagen
  • DGF: Langkettige Omega-3 Fettsäuren: Essentielle Begleiter durch unser Leben, 27. November 2012, Heidelberg (in German)
  • DGF: IX. H.P. Kaufmann-Tage, 29.-30. November 2012, Heidelberg (in German)
  • World Congress on Clinical Lipidology, 6-9 December 2012, Budapest, Hungary
  • Plant Lipids GRC,n27 Jan-3 Feb 2013, Galveston, Texas, USA
  • 2nd International Conference on Prehypertension and Cardio Metabolic Syndrome, 31 Jan-3 Feb 2013, Barcelona, Spain
  • Euro Fed Lipid: 7th International Symposium on Deep-Frying, 20-22 February 2013, San Francisco, CA/USA
  • Fats and Oils as Renewable Feedstocks for the Chemical Industry,17.-19. März 2013, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • DGF and SGEL: 4. Leipzig Symposium "Rapeseed - Tremendous Potential for added Value Generation?", 20-21 March 2013, Leipzig, Germany
  • 104th AOCS Annual Meeting, 28 April-1 May 2013, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • 11th Yeast Lipid Conference, 29-31 May 2013, Halifax, Canada
  • 27th Nordic Lipidforum Symposium, 17-19 June 2013, Helsinki, Finland
  • Euro Fed Lipid Division Plant Lipids: 6th European Symposium on Plant Lipids, 7-10 July 2013, Bordeaux, France

  • Kervansaray
    Kervansaray Hotel and Congress Center
    Venue of the Euro Fed Lipid congress 2013, Antalya, Turkey



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