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Euro Fed Lipid Newsletter May 2011:  Hot Topics of the 6th International Symposium on Deep Fat Frying

Dear Reader,
Only four weeks more until the 6th International Symposium on Deep Fat Frying. Join us at the Arcadeon in Hagen for a meeting that has helped reshape how the world views frying and fried foods. Past meetings have served as a forum for establishing regulatory guidelines for Europe, providing information on issues such as acrylamide and setting the stage for reduction of trans-fatty acids in foods and food processing. In addition, the Symposia have served as a meeting place for oil chemists the world over to meet and get to know one another in a professional yet casual environment.

Hot Topics for 2011 Symposium include:

Health Aspects 
-    Formation of acrolein in oil vapors during deep-fat frying
-    Are oxidized monmeric triacycglycerols unhealthy?
-    What kind of toxic or carcinogenic compounds are formed during frying?
HACCP/Process Control
-   New test for rapid measurement of thermal & oxidative degradation of frying oils
-   Tests include anisidine value, FFA, polar materials, and polymers
Analytical Methods
-    New test environmentally friendly methods methods to monitor oil degradation
-    New analytical criteria for frying oils and means for setting processing parameters
-    Natural and synthetic agents to stability oil during frying
-    Developments in no- and low-trans fatty acid oils
-    Filtration through specialized media and extended oil life
Obesity & Human Nutrition
-    Reducing oil uptake in fried foods & lowering total calories

Direct link for registration & additional information
6th International Symposium on Deep Fat Frying, May 22 ? 24, 2011, Hagen, Germany


Richard F. Stier
Sonoma, CA/USA
Christian Gertz
Hagen, Germany


Euro Fed Lipid Congress 2011


9th Euro Fed Lipid Congress

Oils, Fats and Lipids for a Healthy and Sustainable World
18-21 September 2011, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

700 delegates from 50 countries are expected to gather in Rotterdam. The number of early registrations is increasing constantly and indicates a above-average attendance. Also the number of supporting companies has grown considerably

Scientific Programme

Supporting Companies/ Bodies:


MPOB  IOI  Unimills



Port of Rotterdam

(cited from Wikipedia)

The Port of Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe. From 1962 until 2004 it was the world's busiest port, now overtaken by first Shanghai and then Singapore. In 2009, Rotterdam was the world's tenth-largest container port in terms of twenty-foot equivalent units handled.

Covering 105 square kilometers, the port of Rotterdam now stretches over a distance of 40 kilometers.

It consists of the city center's historic harbor area, including
Delfshaven; the Maashaven/Rijnhaven/FeijenoordWaalhaven; Vondelingenplaat; Eemhaven; Botlek; Europoort, situated along the Calandkanaal, Nieuwe Waterweg and Scheur (the latter two being continuations of the Nieuwe Maas); and the reclaimed Maasvlakte area, which projects into the North Sea.
Most important for the port of Rotterdam are the petrochemical industry and general cargo transshipmentbulk and other goods between the European continent and other parts of the world. From Rotterdam goods are transported by ship, river barge, train or road.

2000 the Betuweroute, a fast cargo railway from Rotterdam to Germany, has been under construction. The Dutch part of this railway has been opened in 2007. Large oil refineries are located west of the city. The river Meuse and Rhine also provide excellent access to the hinterland.


Source Wikipedia, author Danny Cornelissen

Source Wikipedia, author: Roquai


oils+fats 2011: Start of Placement

A good five months before oils+fats 2011  starts, over 30 companies from all over Europe have registered to exhibit. This is more than ever before at this point in time ahead of the fair.

And between them they have booked around 600 square metres of space, and that, too, is more than three times the amount booked at this time before the last event. All of which looks very good for the next job of planning the initial placement of the exhibitors in the halls.

It's not too late for you, too, to come along and present your products and services to a trade audience at oils+fats 2011, the world's only trade fair for the sector. Don't miss this valuable opportunity! For a copy of the registration form, go to:

Early booking gives you the best chance of getting the placement and space you require.


5-7 October 2011, Munich, Germany


Congresses, Meetings, Symposia and Workshops

For more upcoming events until 2014 please see the Euro Fed Lipid congress calendar.


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