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Euro Fed Lipid Newsletter June 2009: Abstracts available at the Graz congress webpage.
Dear Reader, 

Eurofedlipd, today a federation of 11 scientific associations in Europe concerned with Lipids, Fats and Oils, is actively pursuing new memberships from other national organizations as well as industry. Besides creating a scientific exchange forum between various academical institutes and scientific organizations, Eurofedlipid also is involved in the setting up of international congresses, in the co-organization of the annual fair "oils+fats" and the publishing of the "European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology.

In order to extend further its international character, and broaden its field of interest and activities, Eurofedlipid would welcome a more active presence of the industry, to enhance interaction with the different scientific associations. One of the steps in that direction is the creation of various new divisions, like for example the processing division, animal nutrition, food chemistry, oleochemistry and so on. A complete list of the divisions in the make is available in this newsletter. People, who would be interested to participate actively in one of these divisions, are also invited to contact the Eurofedlipid organization.

An international organization as Eurofedlipid can only achieve its objectives if supported by a broad basis of both scientific and industrial members and if the required financial means are made available. I would therefore like to ask especially the industry to consider a financial support for the organization so the set objectives can be realized.
Eurofedlipid invites therefore process technology providers and oils and fats producers, to become an active corporate member. The annual conference offers also a good forum for exchanging ideas and remaining up to date of new and future developments and furthermore gives industry the chance to become scientifically more visible. 
If you have any suggestions how Eurofedlipid can attrack you interest and collaboration, or how it can improve the presence of your organization, please contact our headquarters (Frank Amoneit, amoneit@eurofedlipid.org.)

I count on your cooperation,
Marc Kellens
Marc Kellens
DeSmet Ballestra Group
Vice-President of Euro Fed Lipid

7th Euro Fed Lipid Congress Graz

Lecture and posters abstracts are now available as .pdf via the online version of the scientific

The programme brochures are being mailed these days. The booklet is also ready for download at the congress webpage.

Since the number of early registrations is much higher than usual we would like to remind you not to delay your travel arrangements. Hotel prices are guaranteed until 15 September, however, hotel rooms are allocated on a first come - first serve basis and flights may get more expensive in the following weeks.

If you require a visa to enter Austria, apply now in order to receive it in time for your participation in the 7th Euro Fed Lipid Congress. Should you require a letter of Invitation for your visa application, send your details to: Sevim Saritas
For more information concerning visas see the information pages of the Austrian government (mainly in German) or the pages of the Austrian embassy in London (in english)

Please  also consider attending the Pre-Congress Shortcourse:
5th Practical Short Course on Functional Oils:"Omega-3 Fatty Acids:Market Trends, Nutrition & Health, Utilization in Food Systems"
17-18 October 2009
Organisers: Ignace Debruyne and Sefa Koseoglu

Information and Registration

Congress Graz

What to do in Austria?

Austria is a top-tourist destination: In 2007, the country ranked 9th worldwide in international tourism receipts, with 18.9 billion US$ The major attractions are all in close range and can be reached from Graz easily by car or by public transport.

Of major touristic importance are of course the Austrian skiing, hiking and mountaineering resorts in the Alps.

The same applies to the numerous Austrian lakes (e.g. Wolfgangsee) and other lakes in the Salzkammergut east of Salzburg or Wörthersee in Carinthia.

Guests with are more urban attitude may wish to consider to visit Vienna with its typical "Heurigen" vine pubs or Salzburg, birthplace of Mozart.

Language in Austria
As German is a pluricentric language, Austrian German is another standard variety in addition to the German spoken in Germany, much like the relationship between American and British English.

Austrians will often say "Grüß Gott!" (literally "greet God!", meaning "May God bless you") when greeting someone, rather than the "Guten Tag!" ("[Have a] good day!") used by many Germans. Beside the official Austrian German, occasionally also Austrian dialects from various regions are seen in written form, containing a large number of contractions and abbreviations compared to standard German, which can be hard to understand for non-native speakers (although the same applies to German dialects in Germany and Switzerland).

Skiing in Austria
oils & fats 2009
On the road to success with oils+fats 2009
Join the leading B2B trade fair for the oils and fats industry! oils+fats concentrates on the production and processing of oils and fats made from renewable resources. As a very specialised trade fair it is the right platform for all companies in this field (from auxiliary materials and production to quality control and packaging), to present their products, technologies, solutions and services to international trade visitors. Here you can find all necessary information regarding your participation.  Allocation of stands starts soon.
For the first time ever oils+fats 2009 is being held at the New Munich Trade Fair Centre from 16th to 18th September. At the same time the food industry comes together at drinktec, the World Fair for Beverage and Liquid Food Technology  This means perfect chances for you to get in contact with the professional audience of two top-class trade fairs. For the visitors of oils+fats drinktec means a widened range of products, especially for the filling and packaging of oils and fats.
We look forward to hearing from you!
Oils & Fats
Euro Fed Lipid Divisions

If you are a Euro Fed Lipid member and are interested in joining one or more of our divisions free of charge, please inform the headquarters.

Divisions already founded or in foundation:
  • Olive Oil
  • Marine Lipids
  • Lipids in (land based) animal science
  • Plant Lipids
  • Biotechnology/ Enzyme Technology
  • Processing
  • Physical Properties
  • Oleochemistry
  • Analytics, Quality, Safety
  • Lipidomics
  • Fats in Health and Nutrition
  • Edible Oil Applications

Possible Activities of divisions include

1) Networking among members

2) Organisation of Sessions for the annual Euro Fed Lipid congress

3) Organsiation of Symposia and Workshops

4) Public Relations

5) Consult for the Euro Fed Lipid Board

6) Co-operation with other divisions

Information provided by member societies
  • Nordic Lipidforum: 25th Nordic Lipid Symposium, 14-17 June 2009, Elsinore (Helsingør), Denmark 
  • 3rd Symposium of the Greek Lipid Forum, 15-16 June 2009, Athens, Greece (in Greek language)  
  • GERLI: 6th Gerli Lipidomics Meeting: Bioactive Lipids, Nutrition and Health, 01-03 July 2009, Rennes, France
  • ICBL: 50th ICBL Conference, 1-5 September 2009, Regensburg, Germany
  • Graz Pre Congress Shortcourse: 5h Practical Short Course Specialty and Functional Oils: Omega-3 Fatty Acids (EUROPE): Market Trends, Regulations, Stability and Specialty Applications, 17-18 October 2009, Graz, Austria
  • DGF: Preventing Food Fraud - Strengthing the Knowledge base against Fat Adulterisation, 01 - 03 November 2009, Freiburg, Germany
  • AOCS and Euro Fed Lipid: 2nd International Congress on Biodiesel: The Science and The Technologies, 15-17 November 2009, Munich, Germany
  • DGF: VI. Prof. H.-P.-Kaufmann-Tage, 26.-27. November 2009, Heidelberg
  • DGF: Symposium on Processing, 17-18 March 2010, Leipzig, Germany

For more upcoming events please see the Euro Fed Lipid congress calendar.

Nordic Lipidforum

Greek Lipidforum





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