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Euro Fed Lipid Newsletter April 2010: 300 hours left to submit a lecture for the Munich congress!

Dear colleagues,

In a few weeks, precisely from 13 to 15 May 2010, a Euro Fed Lipid - FEBS Workshop entitled Microbial Lipids: From Genomics to Lipidomics will be held in Vienna, Austria. During the last decades, microorganisms have proven as highly valuable tools in biotechnology, biochemistry and molecular biology. Very often, bacteria, yeasts and algae have been named workhorses for research and industry. Also in lipidology, microbial systems contributed a lot to our fundamental knowledge as well as to technological process leading to the production of valuable lipid components. Moreover, lipids of microorganisms play an important role in pathogenic processes and in nutrition.

I've been thinking about these various aspects of microbial lipids for many years, and I felt that it was timely to gather the community of researchers interested in this field. Surprisingly, no such conference has been organized before. It was most fortunate that FEBS (The Federation of the European Biochemical Societies) agreed to support this workshop financially and to act as the official organizer. Most importantly, FEBS will support a number of young investigators through Travel Fellowships which will allow PhD students and young Post Docs participating in this meeting. The financial support of industry and the Austrian public is also highly appreciated.

I'm convinced that this workshop will successfully combine fundamental and applied aspects to microbial lipid research. I'm proud that many well established investigators in this field agreed to join and to present their recent data in Keynote Lectures. However, young scientists will also have the opportunity to give short talks or to present their work in the form of posters. Moreover, we hope that our guests from abroad will enjoy Vienna and the hospitality of their Austria colleagues.

I hope to see many of you in Vienna in May 2010!
Information and Registration

Günther Daum
Günther Daum
University of Technology Graz

Euro Fed Lipid Congress

8th Euro Fed Lipid Congress
21-24 November 2010
Munich, Germany

Please make sure to submit your last minute lecture abstract online at the congress webpage by 14 April at the latest. We apologize in advance that not all submitted abstracts can be presented as lectures. The congress allows only for roughly 200 lectures and the committee will have to select.

Poster abstracts can be submitted until autumn, but to reach the printed programme they have to be submitted by 14 April as well.

Table Top Exhibition: Space is very limited and is expected to be sold out soon. If you are interested in exhibiting, make sure to reserve your table before we run out of space!

Congress Registration

Abstract Submission
(Deadline for Lectures: 14 April)

Table Top Exhibition


21-24 November 2010, Munich


Table Top Exhibition in Munich

Already confirmed exhibitors:









Information and registration for the table top exhibition:


Change in the Board 

Each of the 11 associations in membership is entitled to be represented in the Euro Fed Lipid board by one delegate who has the right to vote. The Czech Cemical Society (Working Group "Fats, Detergents and Cosmetic Chemistry") has advised that his representative Petr Seifert, board member since the early days of Euro Fed Lipid in 2001, shall be suceeded by Vladimir Filip (Prague Chemical University). Thank you Petr for all your efforts and service over the years and welcome Vladimir.

The full list of board members can be found here.

The next board meeting is scheduled 16 April in Frankfurt.
Council 2001
The first Euro Fed Lipid Council of Management (2001): (from left to right)
Ron Potman, Petr Seifert, Krzysztof Krygier, Michel Parmentier, Fritz Spener, Parkash Kochhar


Fat Analysis: 16th Proficiency Test 2010 by DGF and Euro Fed Lipid

Interlaboratory comparison tests serve  to check applied methods and to recognize systematic errors. They are a central part of every quality assurance system. DGF and Euro Fed Lipid herewith announce the 16th interlaboratory comparison test for fat analysis to be carried out in 2010.  Regularly 100 laboratories take part.

Different blends of vegetable oils, olive oil, animal and fish oils

-Acid Value (Free Fatty Acids)
-Peroxide Value
-Anisidine Value
-Polar components in used deep frying oils and fats
-Polymerised triacylglycerols in used deep frying fats and non-refined vegetable oils
-Butyric Acid
-Tocopherol distribution, tocopherol content
-Sterol distribution, total sterol content
-Triacylglycerol distribution by GC
-Triacylglycerol by HPLC
-Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
-Vitamin E and A content
-Fatty acid composition (C8-C24, including EPA, DPA)
-Trans Fatty Acids By GC
-Lovibond Colour index
-UV Extinction (K232, K270 in Olive Oil)
-Pyropheophytine A (Olive Oil)
-Isomeric Diacylglyerols (Olive Oil)
-Identification of an Oil or the components in a blend
-Identification and determination of two antioxidants (BHT, BHA,TBHQ,Gallates)
-Low Molecular weight chlorinated hydrocarbons

Further information and registration

Proficiency Test
Photo: University of Kiel


Information provided by member societies and cooperating organisations

For more upcoming events please see the Euro Fed Lipid congress calendar.


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