[updated 21.09.2018]

Individuals and companies devoted to the science and technology of Fats, Oils and Lipids are kindly invited to join the European Federation directly by becoming an individual or corporate member.

Membership fees:

***Individual Members: 80 Euro/Year
***Corporate Members: 350 Euro/Year
***Retired / Students: 40 Euro/Year

Benefits for Members

[updated 16.08.2012]

*** Members participate in a pan-european network
***Reduced fees for subscriptions of the European Journal and for the DGF standard methods
***Reduced fees for Euro Fed Lipid congresses
***Member conditions for the annual Ringtest of Fat Analysis

To become a member

[updated 16.08.2012]

simply download the membership application form.

Please read the statutes of Euro Fed Lipid to find out more about your rights and duties as member.

Corporate Members

[updated 16.08.2012]

Additional benefit: all employees enjoy membership conditions while attending Euro Fed Lipid events.