European Federation for the Science and
Technology of Lipids (Euro Fed Lipid)

We hope you all had a safe and pleasant trip back home. Below you find some memories. In case you have missed this exiting event make sure to be in Graz 2009!

President Ron Potmam opening the congress

Congress chairman Fragiskos Kolisis welcoming delegates

Chairman of the Scientific Committee Dimitrios Boskou

Hans Christian Holm accepting the European Lipid Technology Award

Konrad Sandhoff receives the European Lipid Science Award

Bettina Albrecht and Peter Görtler presenting the oils+fats fair

Winner of the poster award 2008: "Edible Insects, Source of fatty acids and energy"

Sefa Koseoglu and Aziz Tekin discussing with Turkish delegates options to integrating Turkish oils+fats research and technology into Euro Fed Lipid

DGF's president Uwe Bornscheuer bestows the Normann Medal upon Michel Lagarde

AFECG president Bernadette Delplanque presenting the Chevreul Medal to Etienne Deffense

The preparations....

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