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Title: Setting-up a network of Technology Dissemination Centres to optimise SMEs in the olive and olive oil sector
Acronym: TDC-OLIVE
Activity area acronym: FP6-FOOD
Project Reference: 505524
Project URL:
Keywords: production, commerce, extraction
Action Line: FOOD-2002-T0 Realising ERA objectives - Promotion of SME participation - Stimulating international co-operation - Linking with Candidate Countries - Supporting policy development - Stimulating exploitation - Contributing to the EU Strategy for Life Science
Aims and Milestones: ∑       Creation of a physical and virtual network of Technology Dissemination Centres (TDC) as means of support to enterprises of this sector, as well as a bridge between them and Research and Development institutions.
∑       To achieve a modern SME, with qualified staff, that employs new technologies in order to access information and, in general, to implement technological innovation systems
∑       To achieve an SME committed to the optimisation of the product quality and to the treatment, recycling and reuse of all the wastes generated in its activity
Title: Assessment and dissemination of strategies for the extraction of BIOACTIVE-NET compounds from tomato, olive and grape processing residues
Activity area acronym: FP6-FOOD
Project Reference: 43035
Project URL:
Keywords: nutrition, bioactive, commerce
Action Line: FOOD-2005-T0 Achieving the ERA objectives - Promoting SME participation - Stimulating international cooperation - Initiatives supporting policy development - Linking with new Member States and associated candidate countries - Dissemination/exploitation
Aims and Milestones: ∑       Creation of a broad information platform regarding the extraction of bioactive compounds from tomato, olive, and grape processing residues as well as their application facilities in the food and cosmetic industry
∑       Implementation of dissemination workshops in the south European countries (Spain, Italy, Greece and France) aimed at transferring know-how and evaluating economic feasibilities of the extraction of bioactive compounds to the residue generating companies (SMEs), to the technology providers, to the industrial residue extractors and to the end-users of the respective natural ingredients
∑       Strengthening of the European market on natural ingredients, which has an enormous economic potential due to high availability of the raw materials
∑       Increase of the competitiveness of the European food industry by pre-empting the competition in the use of bio-active compounds derived from natural, renewable and economic source processing residue
∑       Increase of the use of bio-active compounds in the European diet
Title: Market and Trade Policies for Mediterranean Agriculture: the case of fruit/vegetable and olive oil
Acronym: MEDFROL
Activity area acronym: FP6-POLICIES
Project Reference: 502459
Project URL:
Keywords: agriculture, commerce, policies
Action Line: Policies -1.1 The modernisation and sustainability of agriculture and forestry
Aims and Milestones: ∑       Provide a quantitative and qualitative insight of their agricultural sectors with analytical and up-to-date descriptive statistics, presentation of national agricultural policies and description of relevant supply chains.
∑       Compare the fruit/vegetable and olive oil sector in these regions with EU countries that produce similar products and stipulate their future course
∑       Provide analytical tools for assessing potential impacts of trade liberalisation with the EU by applying four different models.
∑       Evaluate the consequences of trade liberalisation on EU as a whole (consumer prices, market effects, budget burden) as well as on individual Member States and generate appropriate policy recommendations
Title: Impacts of agricultural trade liberalization between the EU and Mediterranean countries
Activity area acronym: FP6-POLICIES
Project Reference: 502457
Project URL:
Keywords: agriculture, policies
Action Line: Policies -1.1 The modernisation and sustainability of agriculture and forestry
Aims and Milestones: ∑       Characterising agricultural production, processing, distribution and retail systems in Mediterranean countries
∑       Describing and quantifying EU and Mediterranean trade protection systems
∑       Developing three liberalisation scenarios, from small changes to totally free trade
∑       Using models to develop estimates of changes in production, imports and exports of agricultural goods.
Title: Integrated Approach to Sustainable Olive Oil and Table Olives Production (INASOOP)
Acronym: INASOOP
Activity area acronym: FP6-SME
Project Reference: 500467
Project URL:
Keywords: mills, production,
Action Line: SME-2 Collective Research (all areas of science and technology)
Aims and Milestones:
∑       Elaboration of an information package compiling and analysing all the available information on production processes and treatment methods for olive oil/table olives residues, their costs, the infrastructure available in the concerned regions, the different environmental legislations, etc.
∑       Development of harmonised Environmental Quality Standards (EQS) and an Expert System able to provide particularised guidelines helping the olive mills and table olives manufacturers to comply with the proposed standards.
∑       Training of both the SMEs and the IAGs in the environmental problems associated to olive oil and table olives production, the possible solutions and the EQS.
∑       Establishment of permanent contacts between the members of the consortium with the objective of (i) maintaining an harmonised management and dissemination strategy of the EQS,  and (ii) exchanging both experiences with the new instrument and information on technological and legislative developments leading to periodical review & update of the materials developed during the project.
Title: The effect of olive oil consumption on oxidative damage in european populations (EUROLIVE)
Activity area acronym: FP5-LIFE QUALITY
Project Reference: QLK1-CT-2001-00287
Project URL:
Keywords: Nutrition
Action Line:  
Aims and Milestones:
∑       To study the bioavailability and the binding of olive oil phonemics compounds to low-density lipoproteins. The study was focused on whether a reasonable supplemental amount of affianced (without phonemics), common (with low phenol content) and extra virgin (with high phenol content) olive oil would reduce lipid per oxidation and DNA oxidation, and whether there were differences in effect according to the olive-oil phenol concentration.
Title: Development of a new mobile waste water treatment process for SME olive mills (MOWOM)
Acronym: MOWOM
Activity area acronym: FP5-LIFE QUALITY
Project Reference: EVK1-CT-2002-30018
Project URL:
Keywords: olive mil
Action Line:  
Aims and Milestones:
∑       The determination of functional requirements that  provides the users' demands and requirements. In
∑       The characterisation of the wastewaters and technical specifications of the best methods for its treatment.
∑       To design and optimise a prototype to be installed in SMEsí production lines
Title: The Sensory and Nutritional Quality of Virgin Olive Oil
Activity area acronym: FP3-FLAIR
Project Reference: AGRF-CT91-0046
Project URL: information on Grasas Aceites 45:1/2, 1994
Keywords: quality, nutrition
Action Line:  
Aims and Milestones:
∑       To determine a standard terminology describing virgin olive oil sensory profile
∑       To standardize the sensory analysis of virgin olive oil
∑       To identify critical parameters for consumer preference
∑       To evaluate shelf-life and its possible modelling in terms of sensory profile variation
∑       To point out experimental evidence and quantitative evaluation of in-vivo antioxidant activity of virgin olive oil

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