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Title:   El olivo, el aceite, la aceituna.
Publisher:   Madrid, 199?
Title:   Enciclopedia mundial del olivo.
Publisher:   Barcelona: Plaza & Janes, 1996.
ISBN   84-01-61877-0
Title:   Mejora de la calidad del aceite de oliva.
Publisher:   Madrid: Consejo Oleícola Internacional, 1991.
ISBN   84-604-0888-4
Title:   Manual of olive-oil technology.
Publisher:   Roma: FAO, 1975.
Authors:   Martínez Suárez, José Manuel; Martínez Moreno, Juan M.
Title:  Legislación y normas sobre el aceite de oliva y las aceitunas de mesa.
Publisher:  Madrid: AMV Ediciones, 2002.
Authors:  Madrid Vicente, Antonio, coord. Madrid Cenzano, Javier, coord
ISBN  84-89922-62-4
Title:   Manuale dell'olio d'oliva.
Publisher:   Bologna: Calderini edagricole, 2001.
Author: Curci, Vincenzo
ISBN   88-506-0022-4
Title:   Química y tecnología del aceite de oliva.
Publisher:   Madrid: A. Madrid Vicente, 1998.
Authors:   Boskou, Dimitrios.
ISBN   84-89922-06-3
Title:  Producción de aceite de oliva de calidad: influencia del cultivo.
Publisher:  Sevilla: Junta de Andalucía. Consejería de Agricultura y Pesca, 1993.
Authors:  Humanes Guillén, José; Civantos López-Villalta, Luis
ISBN  84-87564-66-6
Title:  El aceite de oliva virgen
Publisher:  Zaragoza: Mira, 1993.
Authors:  Murillo Ramos, Juan José; Grande Covián, Francisco (1909-1995), pr.
ISBN  84-86778-69-7
Title:  El aceite de oliva.
Publisher:  Madrid: A. Madrid Vicente, 1992.
Authors:  Kiritsakis, A. K.
ISBN 84-87440-28-2
Title:   Olive oil: chemistry and technology
Publisher: Champaign, Illinois: AOCS Press, 2006.
Authors:   Boskou, Dimitrios, ed.
ISBN   978-1-893997-88-2
Title:   Olive oil & health 
Publisher: Oxfordshire: Cabi, 2006.
Authors:   Quilez, José L, ed. , Ramírez-Tortosa, Carmen M, ed., Yaqoob, Parveen, eds.
ISBN   1-84593-068-1
Title:   Handbook of olive oil: analysis and properties 
Publisher: Gaithersburg, Maryland: An Aspen Publication, 2000.
Authors:   Aparicio, Ramón, Harwood, John L., Eds
ISBN   0-8342-1633-7
Title:   Olive oil: from the tree to the table
Publisher: Connecticut: Food & Nutrition Press, 1998.
Authors:  Kiritsakis, A. K
ISBN   0-917678-42-7
Title:   Olive oil processes and by-products recycling.   
Publisher: Elsevier Applied Science, 1997.
Authors:  A. Ramos-Cormenzana, M. Monteoliva-Sánchez, N. Russell.
Title:   The energy use of the wastes from the olive oil production (In Italian)
Publisher: Firenze; Commission European Communities, 1995.
Title:   The sensory and nutritional quality of virgin olive oil: A FLAIR Research Project  
Publisher: Milano; Instituto de la Grasa, 1994.
Authors:   Peri, Claudio, Ed.
Title:   Olive and olive oil terminology
Publisher: Madrid: Consejo Oleícola Internacional, 1992.
Author:   Consejo Oleícola Internacional
ISBN   84-604-9568-X
Title:   Olive oil quality (In italian)
Publisher: Firenze; Giunta Regionale- Regione Toscana, 1992.
Title:   Olive oil
Publisher: Champaign, Illinois: American Oil Chemists' Society, 1990.
Author:   Kiritsakis, A. K
ISBN   0-935315-32-2
Title: Biological values of olive oil (In French).
Publisher: Tunis: Office national de l'huile, 1983.
Title:   Proceedings of the IIIrd International congress on the biological value of olive oil, 1980.
Publisher: Crete: Subtropical Plants and Olive trees Institute of Chania, 1980.
Title:   Proceedings of the IIId international congress on the biological value of olive oil.
Publisher: Chania: Institut des Plantes Subtropicales et de l'Olivier, [1980].
Title:   III Symposium of I.U.P.A.C.  
Publisher: Lyon: International Agency for Research on Cancer, 1976.
Authors:   Toussaint, G. , Lafaverges, F., Walker, E. A.
Title:   Vegetable oils and oilseeds: a review of production, trade, utilisation and prices relating to groundnuts, cottonseed, linseed, soya, beans, coconut and oil palm products, olive oil and other oilseeds and oils.
Publisher: London: Commonwealth Secretariat, 1970.
ISBN   0-85092-022-1
Title:   Congresso internazionale sul valore biologico dell'olio di oliva 
Publisher: Torino: Minerva Medica, 1970.
Title:   Olive oil processing in rural mills
Publisher: Roma: FAO, 1956.
Authors:   G. Frezzotti; M. Manni y A. Aten.
Title:   Pharmaceutical uses of Spanish olive oil.
Publisher: Madrid; Olive National Trade Union, 1955.
Authors:   Santos Ruiz, A.; Moreno Cano, J.;
Title:   Handbook of olive oil (In Spanish)
Publisher: AMV Ed, Mundi-Prensa, 2003
Author:   Aparicio, Ramón, Harwood, John L., Eds
ISBN   84-89922-41-1

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