Oleochemistry, Molecule and Polymer Science

[updated 16.11.2017]

The Oleochemistry, Molecule and Polymer Science Division of Euro Fed Lipid takes care of all non-food uses of natural oils and fats, of vegetable, animal or microbial origin. A focus of the activities will be the development and introduction of new value added chemicals and chemical intermediates with the aim of changing the currently used petroleum based feedstock towards a renewable based economy. Nevertheless, biodiesel and other fuel applications will remain a core competence of the division. Moreover, the study and application of the principles of green chemistry for the mentioned applications is our resolution.

Therefore, the Oleochemistry, Molecule and Polymer Science division sees its task in sharing knowledge and developing new standard for sustainability, renewability of natural resources and substitution of existing chemicals with renewable ones. A non-exhaustive list of oleochemical uses includes:

- Biodiesel of first generation as well as other biofuels (e.g. algae, fuel from waste biomass,...)

- Development of new plant oil based renewable platform chemicals and products by extensively studying and developing the chemistry of triglycerides, glycerol, fatty acids and derivatives

- Monomers and additives derived from plant oils

- Polymers and materials, derived from plant oils, for various applications such as paints, inks, coatings, binders, foams, thermoplastics or thermosets materials, composites

- Additives or active molecules for various applications biolubricants, biosolvents, surfactants, plasticizers, detergents, cosmetics

- Molecules of high biological value, such as vitamins, terpenic hydrocarbons, sterols that can be recovered from oil plants and fruits. Applications of these high value minor components can include: nutraceuticals, pharmacological, cosmetical, or technical uses

All interested members are invited to join our Division, which will be organized as an open source, web-based, platform. All discussions covering the above mentioned topics are welcome.